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A Stranger Place is a thrilling adventure puzzle escape game full of horror elements, designed with a dark painting style, and thrilling sound effects. Players will be immersive in this gloomy place, and continue to explore every corner of the room for a variety of clues and props, while solving the heavy puzzle levels, avoiding the pursuit of lurkers, and finally successfully finding a way to escape safely. A Stranger Place is also an appearance confuse frightfulness game from independent developer Honni Games. In spite of the fact that propelled not long back, it before long accomplished more than 100 thousand downloads with a really positive score (4.3/5) from user reviews on Google Play. This can be an imposing accomplishment for a youthful designer and a picky diversion.


The story happens in an old empty building. The main character has just woken up feeling confused and doesn’t know what’s going on, he didn’t know why he was arrested or being experimented on, so he attempted to leave the house. While trying to escape, he noticed a weird little person dancing in a peculiar way.

Sadly, the creature finds you and you faint. They bring you back to the cage, and this is when the game’s story starts. Players must find a way to leave this scary castle before it’s too late. There are scary creatures and ghosts hidden inside that can hurt you at any moment.


With a lively gameplay pace, you can complete challenges in minutes and enjoy fun and groundbreaking gameplay anytime, anywhere. The puzzle missions are clever and unique. That’s to say you always have to change your gameplay to fit the different situations in the game.

✱Find More Clues

Puzzles in this game are a big part of the game and the developer pays a lot of attention to this aspect. The puzzles are really good and make players think a lot about solving them as they get harder.

Just remember that: The more clues you have, the easier it is to escape, and the more plots you have, the more fun you will have in your adventure. You will get some hints that help you complete your mission faster and gain more detailed clues.

✱Don’t Get Lost

Disoriented and dizzy, you will find yourself alone in the dark, bleak, and desolate place of Stranger’s Place. Terror and chaos invade you, the walls are decorated with gruesome paintings, and the rooms are filled with scary and annoying lurkers. It is very important to always stay alert and make the best decision. Don’t lose yourself in the art of dark colors and horror sound effects.

✱Avoid the Lurker

You need to escape from the Lurker all the time and don’t let it catch you. You need to find the way out and get your life back. Hurry up, the guardian will stay alert and won’t let you escape. Here you must be flexible to avoid the pursuit of the lurkers, and successfully complete the escape mission.

✱Choose Your Level

Even though the game can be difficult, players can choose levels based on how easy or hard they want it to be. Each level has its own enemies, puzzles, and rules that the player needs to follow.

Your job is to figure out how to get out of certain situations by going through a series of levels in the game. However, players must find a way to include both adventure and puzzle aspects seamlessly. This is a skill that only a few horror games possess because they tend to concentrate too much on startling jump scares.

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  • Latest Version: A Stranger Place v1.3
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: Honi Games
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 4.4+
  • Size: 75.2MB



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