A Tale of Little Berry Forest

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A Tale of Little Berry Forest is a casual adventure game that offers an exciting experience as you create new dishes using recipes from books that you want to explore. Navigate a forest filled with adorable characters and heart-warming stories. Stranded in a berry forest, and only armed with your creativity and curiosity, you will conquer all difficulties and colossal beasts to create your new recipes.


Key Features

A Tale of Little Berry Forest is known as a game that offers an exciting experience as you create new dishes using recipes from books that you want to explore. The beautiful and unique characters found in Little Berry Forest Story are so attractive and that’s why it is popular. These are not drawn in computer graphics but are all members of a separate page drawn by the oil artist. The amazing thing is that when you are surrounded by edible plants, they are a source of nourishment for your culinary endeavors.

β–ͺ Intelligent map

The most impressive thing for players to come to this world is the fantastic mountain map. A proper localization system for all information added to the game. This will help you better understand this journey. Along with this, you have the ability to determine your direction, your purpose, and your strategy to become more successful each time. In addition, the colors of the map that indicate important areas are highlighted. It’s like building a complete farm.

β–ͺCharming characters

What really makes A Tale of Little Berry Forest a great game is the characters you’re about to meet. All of them have a rural air, leaving a very friendly and accessible atmosphere to all players who step there for the first time. In particular, the beautiful style combines popular clothes with accessories such as hats and shoes, giving it a simple but beautiful look.

β–ͺOne-of-a-kind aesthetics

The graphics system creates environments and characters that appear before the player’s eyes. You can see that most of the graphics of other online games are created by the computer brain, but that is not the case in A Tale of Little Berry Forest. But, we have come to this point, and you should be careful with all the details.

Thanks to the work of famous artists, all the images created here will surprise players. They used a unique tool – oil – to create all the scenes and moments of this fairy tale. This place promises to bring exciting things to give players an unforgettable experience

β–ͺTons of healing moments

The story is woven by the writer’s brushstrokes in a slow, gentle hand-made rhythm. A Tale of Little Berry Forest is perfect for users who like the quieter things on the farm. Everything is simple but full of heartwarming elements that promise to provide moments of healing in your heart.


A Tale of Little Berry Forest meet some of the most beautiful people in the world on your journey to conquer the farm. Players plant and protect trees with their neighbors. When the plants bloom and produce fruit, you can harvest them using the recipe. With a little creativity, cookbooks can help you master the most difficult dishes. Now players can feel the warmth of the fire in the virtual world, just like in their own home.

  • Become a farm manager with your friends, from planting to watering and watering the plants.
  • Enjoy delicious meals every day and every week with new events.
  • Page by page, you’ll learnΒ from the recipesΒ of secrets passed from generation to generation for you.
  • Enjoy the best graphics created with the artist’s hand-painted oil paintingsΒ bursting with stories and colorful illustrations.
  • It is a place of rest from cold pieces to warm moments like the kitchen.

What will you find in this Little Berry Forest? Keep your wits and be courageous, little one!


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  • Latest Version: A Tale of Little Berry Forest v1.00.65
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: LittleBerryGames
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