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Have you ever wanted to run your own tea shop? Players of A Tavern for Tea get to experience the process of making different tea drinks, searching for unique ingredients, buying decorations for the tea store, and building their own tea shop empire. With relaxing elements full of a combination of puzzle and tea making, A Tavern for Tea provides a mystical journey where you can also improve your tea-making skills and become a tea master.

Tea is just the beginning — there’s a whole world of hot or iced tea drinks and whatever you want out there just waiting to be discovered. Try out different combinations to make your regulars satisfied, and attract more new customers.


A Tavern for Tea brings you in the role of a tea shop owner attempting to succeed at work. With straightforward but exceedingly addictive gameplay and unique visuals, A Tavern for Tea may be a oddity diversion and you’ll doubtlessly adore it.

*Start with a Small Tavern

To begin playing A Tavern for Tea, you may be given a little bar with tables, chairs, and a kitchen. You must make a plan to maximize your tavern’s income by serving nourishment and drinks to burger joints, as well as employing staff to assist your shop. To promote sales, you should discover a way to pull in clients to come to your shop. You’ll be able to do this by overhauling your bar, advertising way better nourishment, or upgrading amusement offerings like live music, magazine racks, and chic furnishings for a welcoming atmosphere.

*Complete the Mission

Your main mission is to serve your customers mindfully, rapidly, and proficiently. Each of them will ask a diverse tea and the quest should be completed within a certain time. Not as it were that, you need to decide the tea shop’s price, and explore unused nourishments to improve the quality of tea. In expansion, when dealing with uncommon clients, you may have to serve with more excitement and care.

*Build a tea shop empire

To expand your tea shop, you must effectively manage and operate your business. Organize your employees’ work times and use money wisely in order to hire more workers, grow your restaurant, and provide better customer service.  A Tavern for Tea moreover offers you a sense of excitement and achievement once you see your shop create more and attract a larger number of customers. When the shop is swarmed, you know that what you do has brought great results.

A Mesmerizing Fusion

🃏 Card Game Feature

The card game feature allows you to challenge yourself and make money while developing your management skills, both in the game and in real life. You can learn a ton of tea ingredients and how to combine them to make the perfect tea for your customers.

🧬Exciting Puzzle Framework

One reason why A Tavern for Tea is appealing is because of its puzzle feature. And this puzzle system is diverse and challenging. You need to focus on finding new ideas and thinking creatively. From discovering magical stories and collecting the necessary items for making tea to searching for objects in pictures with different themes like nighttime scenes, farms, or markets.

🍵Tea-making Experience 

Another great thing about this game is that it allows you to solve puzzles while making tea in your own way. The process of making tea is very thorough and accurate, starting from selecting the appropriate tea, determining the time to soak it, setting the right temperature for the water, and even considering the kind of tea being used. You can customize your tea by using different recipes and adding more spices and ingredients to make it taste unique and special.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab an apron, brew a cup of tea, and embark on your journey to running a five-star tea tavern!

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  • Latest Version: A Tavern for Tea v2.0
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  • Requires Android: 4.4+
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