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A Villain’s Twisted Heart is an Otome romance game packed with an integrated simulation and narrative. Players start with a unique story and take the game to an exciting ending according to their wishes.


The whole story begins with a special girl with unusual abilities that she recognized as a child. His effort to save the reputation he was talking about. Knowing the dangers this power can cause, the girl hides it until one day she wants to use it. A mysterious person appears who wants to activate your strange abilities to make the world even crazier. Here they tell many stories through dramatizations to create a complete story. Games created in the simulation genre require a strong story. And for that, the creators of A Villain’s Twisted Heart took pains to choose an intriguing plot.

Key Features

Crazy Heart: Otome Romance Game is a unique game based on a strange story. If you are a gamer who likes to experience games in a simulation style with the ability to talk, this might be the name that suits your needs. When you come to this game, you will be taken to a special world where you can write books according to your wishes.

❤ Different charming characters

And if you want to provide some special emotion to your players, the character system is one of the most important features. Because the character in the game is narrative and favors female players, the character system includes a special child. These are the people you invite to your side, and each person is different.

  • Grimm, nicknamed the Big Bad Wolf for his ferocious appearance could enter the tournament without a second thought.
  • Hook, who’s a sunshine boy who can warm you up. But he is also the captain of a notorious band of pirates, always looking for booty.
  • The last, Hisame, the snow lord with a cool and cold personality masters a great snow power.


💜 Follow your heart

Have you ever thought that the ending of a game is up to you? The Twisted Heart of Villainy will help you realize this wonderful experience. Every choice you make affects the gameplay. The game offers a simulation where your task is to force the information provided by the game according to your needs through various supporting elements. Can you put all the pieces together and reach a happy ending? Or will your attempt end in disaster? Just reveal secrets and lies through this game.

💛 The power of your charm and intelligence

Faced with three different boys, how do you maneuver around them with your wit and beauty? In this case, you are the one who can control the artist, and it is your task to prevent that idea from arising. So what is the key to accomplishing this impossible task? As you progress through the main stage, unlock side stories and fun cutscenes, and learn more about heroes, heroes, and villains as you progress through the story. Control the future through a variety of different endings and story paths. Will you find happiness and true love, or will death sink you into the depths of darkness?

💚 Beautiful graphics bring an incredibly immersive experience

A Villain’s Twisted Heart captures a unique mix of traditional animated art graphics seamlessly integrated into immersive 3D designs. Relish the romantic vibes of Otome games fused with the essence of modern visual effects in this immersive romance. In this game, you will enjoy a romantic, mysterious, and evil interactive otome game full of exciting fantasy without being boring with its carefully crafted graphics and stories.

Download and embrace the spine-tingling romance with three hot boys now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: A Villain’s Twisted Heart v2.1.10
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Genius Inc
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
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