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Angry Bird has been a beloved game for a staggering number of players since it was first released in 2009. The developer of In AB Evolution 2023 has made major improvements in the graphics and gameplay to appeal to a wider range of players while avoiding making the game feel repetitive after releasing many versions over the years. So, let’s see whether this brand-new AB Evolution 2023 will bring us any surprises or not.


With hundreds of levels to conquer, secrets to discover, and new birds to foster, AB Evolution 2023 offers a wealth of gameplay for you to uncover, and the innovative and funny gameplay will keep you coming back for more.

Universal Basic of Gameplay

Even though there are some new and creative changes, Rovio Entertainment still holds onto the important core values that made this game series so well-known. It has never changed that the evil and powerful pigs are still trying to take the eggs from the sad Angry Birds after a long time. Like always, you will control Angry Birds of different colors, and use the bullets to defeat the pig demons and bring peace to the big Angry Birds family.

AB Evolution 2023 has over 100 different types of birds – a significant amount for you to gather. Each Angry Bird has a unique shape, skills, and strengths, allowing you to freely choose and build up an unbeatable bird team.

Turn-based RPG

AB Evolution 2023 has been changed to a type of game where you take turns and use tactics, which can be called turn-based tactical role-playing (turn-based RPG). This creative change offers you a fresh experience instead of just continually dragging and shooting like before.

You need to send your birds one by one to attack the enemy, or you can play the automatic mode, where you just stand in a row, and the game will attack its own, but it won’t be as good as when you control it manually. If you can’t defeat the enemy within a set number of turns, you will lose the game. So, the strategy you use in the game is very important.


With several new modes and in-game events, battles between the birds and pigs never stop! These modes cater to both traditional AB players and those who enjoy real-time action that demands quick reflexes.

🙌PVP Mode

In expansion, of course, there will be a PVP mode to bring competitive involvement among players around the world with profitable rewards for players with tall rankings on the leaderboard. As you battle your way deeper into the AB Evolution 2023 and climb the leaderboards, you can unlock a host of unique rewards and more fame.

🎞Story Mode

Story Mode allows you to play through the origin story of Angry Birds, offering a fully immersive experience into the world of isolated levels in AB Evolution 2023. Afterward, the foe has more blood and extraordinary capacities, so it is exceptionally critical to select a squad of fowls with particular qualities based on their color since each level will as it were apply to a few strategies so the player must continuously alter and adjust in each level.

🐣Incubation Mode

The fun doesn’t stop there! AB Evolution 2023 now has a completely new incubation mode: Bird hatches totally depending on the materials that the player employs. Each incubation will bring you surprises and you’ll be able to unlock hidden upgrades and birds that are quite helpful in some challenging battles.

Forget about things like the complicated controls of traditional Angry Birds — download and jump right into brand-new AB Evolution 2023 now!

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  • Latest Version: AB Evolution 2023 v2.9.14
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