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Aban-Knight : Idle RPG v2.3.46 MOD APK(Legendary Pets)

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Are you effortlessly captivated byIdle RPG that do nothing but appreciate the unending fight scenes that light up the screen? Whereas a few other Idle games require you to spend lots of time for clearance at the start, at that point Aban-Knight: Idle RPG permits you to unwind from the beginning, with the most brief time to strategize and set up everything.


In Aban-Knight: Idle RPG, you can Gather lots of trophies, powerful skills, and great weapons in a really short amount of time, which is much faster than other similar games. And starting now, the battlefield is empty and has no limit, because waves of monsters are coming for you and epic items await.

The Shortest “Becoming Idle” Time

Aban-Knight: Idle RPG is full of all the classic role-playing components. Players take on the part of a courageous character, partaking in fights to crush beasts, continuously collecting numerous accomplishments, collecting more weapons, collectibles, and respectable identifications. Through their accomplishments to buff ceaselessly and gotten to be a warrior with nearly steadfast quality. This entirety preparation does not require as well much of your time, fair persistently construct a small, you’ll rest and inundate yourself in getting a charge out of the fabulous fights within the amusement.

Unique Experience

Aban-Knight: Idle RPG has a unique feel compared to other games where you fight without doing much. Killing monsters gives you a lot of points that keep increasing rapidly. Upgrading your character and giving them special powers is also very simple. You can make things exciting without being too harsh. From the start, the game has given many ways to make characters stronger, so you can quickly boost heroes without any limits.

Extensive Content

When you play Aban-Knight: Idle RPG, there are many exciting things for you to unlock. Lots of challenges are given, where you fight monsters with different objectives. Sometimes, you try to help someone in danger, sometimes to dismantle the headquarters of the scary creature, and other times to find valuable things that are hidden.


⚔ Epic Weaponry For You

Monsters you hunt will provide materials and powerful weapons, which allow you to craft new weapons or you can hoard them in your inventory so that you can combine two or three medium-level items to make a stronger weapon at any time. Later in the game, the game will automatically combine weapons based on your playstyle, so the possibilities are limitless!

⬆ Level Up Your Characters

In Aban-Knight: Idle RPG, there are lots of ways to make your characters stronger and level up. So you can dominate the game really quickly and unlock new achievements in different ways. Adding magic or collecting more booster items for your character are two most-used ways to level up your characters.

😺Summon Your Pets

You’re never alone in Aban-Knight: Idle RPG, because you can hatch and train countless adorable pets that will go fight with you. Opening up an assortment of pets and after that unreservedly choosing a companion to go with each level is additionally one of the endless excitements in this game. The pets don’t contribute much to the result of the fight, nor do they have much control to back the proprietor, but their nearness taking after your back or drifting over your head will make you more pleasant when facing challenging foes.

Hope you enjoy this casual approach to the Idle RPG genre. Download now to survive endless foes, and upgrade your skills and weapons – the choice is in your hands!

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  • Latest Version: Aban-Knight: Idle RPG v2.3.46
  • Category: Role-playing
  • Developer: Picture Soft Inc.
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  • Requires Android: 7.0+
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