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Ace Attorney is a video game series that started in Japan in October 2001. The series became popular because it had a special gameplay where you assist a new lawyer in proving his client’s innocence by uncovering the truth about murder cases. Ace Attorney Trilogy combines courtroom drama and solving detective cases, which can be considered one of the best games in this genre. Gotten to be Phoenix Wright and experience the excitement of the fight as you battle to spare your guiltless clients in a court of law. Play all 14 scenes, traversing the primary three games, in one ravishing collection.

The game has a convenient assistance feature if you get stuck in your investigation, so even if this is your first Ace Attorney game, you can easily enjoy playing as a rookie detective. Ready to solve these tricky cases?


The game is about solving exciting murder cases in different places. You play as Phoenix Wright, a defense lawyer who investigates the crime, questions witnesses, protects your client, and investigates the mystery. He strongly believes in fairness has a talent for using tricks to confuse the opponent, and is skilled at changing a bad situation to their advantage. There are 14 exciting episodes and suspenseful stories for players to investigate. The clues and events in each story are connected logically, and it will be a surprise every time the players figure out who is responsible for the crime.


Unlike Sherlock Holmes, In Ace Attorney, you don’t have to collect small clues. Instead, you focus more on the conversations between the main characters and other people related to the case, which helps you understand the words connect them to the characters’ expressions, and find the answer you want eventually. This changes how detective stories are written. It feels like you’re watching a lawyer in a real-life court, even though it may seem long, it’s really exciting. The sentences make sense and are short, so without much to read, you can be absorbed in the intricate case itself.

1️⃣Figure out Contradictory Loopholes

Whenever the accused you are trying to protect is about to go to jail, you, as Phoenix Wright, you need to gather proof and examine the connections between the characters by using the testimony and information provided by your client. This process is easier than other similar games because the player only needs to talk to characters to find out the contradictory loopholes in each conversation. As you choose the right dialogue options, evidence is gradually revealed and connected logically.

2️⃣Plead for the Accused

In court, you’ll hear kinds of testimonies, cross-examine witnesses, and show proof. After negotiating with dozens of NPCs and getting the facts and evidence required to negate the prosecution’s claims, you can prove your client’s blamelessness. The defense mechanism in the game raises the conversation to a higher standard. You must consistently look for flaws and counters in the statements of different witnesses and government officials who are attempting to harm your client.

3️⃣Reveal the Truth

The developer has done a really good job of guiding the players through a story in a clear and organized way, from the start to the exciting climax, with no superfluous words. There is only one truth. Players should pay attention to differences and evidence that don’t have connections or strong links to the information in the explanation.

Ace Attorney Trilogy flawlessly reinterprets the iconic detective that you’ve ever wanted to be. With its carefully crafted graphics of anime style, courtroom battles never looked this wonderful and vivid! Download and find out the truth now.

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