Ace Defender: Dragon War

Ace Defender: Dragon War v2.5.0 MOD APK(Mega Menu)

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Welcome to Ace Defender: Dragon War, an RPG where you get to fight against evil and protect the kingdom from enemy attacks, become a superhero with incredible powers, and participate in many battles to protect world peace. Come to Ace Defender: Dragon War, choose your favorite hero, and forge your own path.  Each hero displays his own skills and magic, fighting for the glory of our country. In the end, all developments in war depend on your strength and strategy.


Innovative Gameplay

When it comes to the new version of Ace Defender: Dragon War, you can enjoy the new but exciting game. Classes are always the main reason that attracts many players to many battles, and here you will be more dominant. Especially, when there is a big party or a big event, ACE GAME INTERNATIONAL LIMITED updates the interface according to the atmosphere of the place. New things that make it easier to promote your stores cannot be ignored.

◉ Combination of multiple facilities

Being able to experience so many new things and so many unique elements combined in a fighting game like this makes it the best fighting game you will ever experience. In this game, you will participate in many brutal battles and do your best for the glory of your country. Players must come up with a variety of interesting strategies, which are always different for each enemy.

◉ Tons of challenging tasks

To overcome the difficulties, you must first fight to enjoy the calm days after the storm. In Ace Defender: Dragon War, many difficult challenges and terrifying obstacles will stop you. The game increases the difficulty of the challenges and changes the difficulty level at the end of each level, which can be confusing.

◉ Play with brilliant heroes

Ace Defender: Dragon War is a great game and a great experience for all players. Players will have the opportunity to participate in many battles, and most importantly, when they come to this game, they will have to complete the first mission. Players must come up with a unique strategy to tackle the toughest challenges, so remember to change your strategy to avoid getting stuck. Use great skills to quickly attack your enemy and disrupt their attacks.

◉ Enjoy every battle

You don’t have to do much. Take some free time out of your day and enjoy the fun of this game. Players will have a special time playing one of our laziest fighting games. be careful Players must fight hard to achieve victory in the game. You can set auto mode so your hero automatically enters battles.

◉ Do it before it’s too late

We present players with a variety of brutal battles. You will have to be able to fight against other brave and powerful enemies. Each battle is very intense, and you have to defeat everyone to lead the leader. Nothing is impossible in Ace Defender: Dragon War, so do it before it’s too late.

Key Features

  • There are a lot of beautiful elements built into this game and everything blends together well.
  • There are thousands of difficult tasks, and most importantly, there are many obstacles that stand in your way.
  • Battling your wits against a variety of heroes means stopping your enemy’s attack before it starts.
  • We offer you a variety of great strategies to have a chance to overcome many challenges.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Ace Defender: Dragon War v2.5.0
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Mega Menu
  • Size: 105.0MB



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