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ACE Fighter is an air combat game with an arena style, which provides a wide range of aircraft with special looks and features, making it possible for you to customize your playstyle and become the true ace in the sky. This game also has a progressed update system that permits players to make strides in the combat capacity of the flying machine and prepare more weapons and ammo to battle way better.

The story of Ace Fighter is about a war between countries fighting for dominance in the sky. In this game, you will play as a pilot and work hard to keep the world safe from enemies. The game has lots of different tasks with varying difficulties to test your skills. You can operate various planes and choose the best weapons to destroy the enemy in different scenarios.


Ace Fighter is easy to play and also very appealing. In this game, you will use your fighter to battle against various enemies. Navigate the fighter plane in the sky, shoot at enemies, and make sure to avoid any obstacles in their way. However, ACE Fighter provides players with more than just that. To be a sky ace, you need to use strategies and abilities to keep your aircraft safe from getting hit by enemy fire.

Upgrade & Customize Your Weaponry

Piloting tons of aircraft, you can engage in aerial dogfights and deadly fighter missions. With a whopping hundreds of flyable aircraft total, one special feature of Ace Fighter is the ability to upgrade and personalize your fighter. You can make their fighter stronger by improving the engines, wheels, missiles, and other weapons to create an unbeatable aircraft. Also, you can change the color and style of the fighter to make their special fighter plane.

Extend Your SLAYcation

With its unique combat system and tactics, Ace Fighter takes the dogfighting game genre to a whole new level. In ACE Fighter, every player has a certain amount of health. Don’t forget to keep track of it, lest your opponent shoot you down by surprise. While fighting or finishing missions, you can gather items in the game that can enhance the aircraft’s combat capability and durability.

Ace Fighter has more than 100 different missions that include battles with squads and protecting specific goals. Players will face massive tough enemies with strong defense and abilities. Endure the ultimate challenge as you fight the enemy fighters, get access to their weaknesses, and attack patterns, and survive in the different combat phases when the dogfight gets more challenging and fierce. Make your planes stronger and faster as you progress through each level. How long can you fight back without being beaten down by your opponents?


  1. Custom mode: You can experience what it’s like to be a pro pilot in this ordinary mode, who can control planes and do challenging missions in the air.
  2. Solo Mode: You can lock in fights against the CPU through missions such as guarding the zone, assaulting the base, and protecting the prisoners.
  3. PvP Mode: You can have one-on-one fights in real-time against other players around the world. Whether you fight it solo or team up with your friends, your success in ACE Fighter is decided by your volition, and air skills, and it’s always a fair fight.

Apart from the main game modes, ACE Fighter also has other things you can do like hunting bosses, looking for treasures, seeking legendary items, and participating in special events to enjoy and test yourself. Ace Fighter regularly organizes unique events in the game where players can win special rewards like exclusive aircraft or weapons.

Let’s whiz and swish through vibrant and intense sky solo or with your fellows to win the day!

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  • Latest Version: Ace Fighter v2.710
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  • Developer: Action Games Az
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  • Requires Android: 5.1+
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