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Actraiser Renaissance v1.1.1 MOD APK(Mega Menu, Unlocked DLC, Money)

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Welcome to the world of Actraiser Renaissance, you can create and destroy anything you want! You’ll experience the revival of the ’90s classic hit “Actraiser” and play as the Lord of Light and a true angel in a world ravaged by evil, helping humanity flourish. Combined with 2D platforms (Realm Acts) and city building (Realm Management), the ultimate battle between good and evil in Actraiser Renaissance is waiting for you!


Actraiser Renaissance is very impressed with the interesting first appearance. The chaotic stories about gods, wars, and riots do not reflect the reality of the world. Players can use the Moon Lord’s special powers and create a powerful army for life. It won’t be long before the distant lands are back in the hands of evil. War missions increase and things get complicated. Please help them!

Game Features

❂ A newly remastered game

There are no changes to the Actraiser Renaissance’s picture quality; However, unique 2D graphics techniques are still applied and limitations that need to be overcome are quickly found. Soothing music plays as your character moves through the land, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Other music effects have also been improved and applied so that any player can hear their favorite sounds.

❂ Challenging missions

The goal of each player completing their mission in Actraiser Renaissance is to defeat terrible monsters. They are planning to occupy this entire sacred land. As the almighty god representing light and justice, you must use magic to create an army to fight the darkness. Enemy attacks will target densely populated areas and you will have to ensure their safety, bring them to areas with strong defenses, and start working miracles with your skills. his abilities.

❂ Inbox helper

Tasks will be organized in your inbox. You can explore and visit various locations to find the solution for the mission. Important locations will be marked on the map, recording your journey through the treacherous countryside and providing sensible suggestions. The goals to be achieved will be more difficult levels, powerful bosses, and many secret stories that have yet to be discovered.

❂ High replayability

The gaming performance of Actraiser Renaissance is now significantly improved. New and more engaging stories have been added to increase the entertainment of this activity. The system will no longer limit the scope of combat; On the contrary, it will expand the combat area so players can quickly penetrate deep into the enemy’s lair. There are also a variety of new skills to ensure your safety while participating in the campaign. The difficulty increases as the level increases and more daring bosses appear waiting for you.

❂ Carefully-crafted soundtrack

Yuzo Koshiro, the original Actraiser composer, has remixed all the popular original songs and added 15 new songs. Players can listen to the original music or switch to a custom version while playing. Tired of caring for and raising your neighbors? Just sit down, take it easy, and enjoy the in-game background music.

Game System

  • Master Actions: Strategically wield powerful fire, ice, and other magic in this 2D action mode. After conquering this stage, the people returned, regained their territory, and began to cultivate their houses.
  • Realm Management: Help players survive by developing decisions and leading. Use your awesome powers to summon lightning bolts and owls to remove obstacles like trees and rocks that block the growth of your chosen animal. Take on the role of the Moon Lord and the angel, using your powerful bow and arrows to fend off the evil monsters that prey on people.
  • Experience a new story of human struggle and struggle to overcome flaws and weaknesses as we learn to love each other and be strong together. Overall, these new features are more than double the previous ones. Explore new areas and have fun building a house that lasts longer than ever before.

Download Actraiser Renaissance now! New content, expanded features, additional functionality, a brand-new realm, and powerful new bosses await!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Actraiser Renaissance v1.1.1
  • Category: Action
  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co.
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Mega Menu, Unlocked DLC, Money
  • Size: 1.97GB


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