Adorimon v1.0.102 MOD APK(Unlimited Lives)

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Adorimon is a tactical turn-based game where your strategic ability and the units of Adorimons you collect determine your fate. Step into the world of Adorimon and lead hordes of Adorimons to restore the land. Pick your battles each day, collect adorable monsters to use in turn-based combat in this open-world strategy game, make challenging decisions, and masterfully harness the powers of this rebel group to defeat your foes!


As you navigate this strange environment, you can reach your goal of becoming an Adori Master by leveling up your team leader and strengthening Adorimon’s fighting skills. This mobile app game has been around for a long time, but due to its unexpected features, it is making a comeback and surprising the entire generation. Users can collect more than 100 different types of pets through the game. Because they are everywhere in the world, no one can say the law for them. When you see a monster for the first time, you should try your best to catch it. On the other hand, each monster has its own special powers and advantages.

Fun Gameplay

✦ Fantastic turn-based combats

There are fifteen characteristics that distinguish pet stores from other types of creatures. A separate team oversaw the design and manufacture of each piece. Each player must form a team by finding monsters that match their characteristics. In a single-player arena, you engage in battles with other real people in the same room.

✦ Train and evolve

As the monster’s power increases, it becomes more difficult to defeat. You can increase your pet’s power by training, helping it develop, and upgrading. Each dog has its own strengths and weaknesses, but they can improve your overall strength. Match your creatures to their maximum strength, and when they reach that level, they’ll be ready to engage in turn-based combat.

✦ Go with friends

Never fight alone! Bond, stick together, and help your chosen partner achieve their own goals to improve the team. The strength of your relationship will determine how well you fuse! You can use elemental substances to apply additional benefits or disadvantages with your attacks or change your enemy’s elemental type.

✦ New lands, new creatures

Adorimon has a unique art style, similar to traditional strategy games. Due to the high quality of graphics, maps, and features, Adorimon attracts many strategy fans. You can venture through different lands and explore tons of eggs to collect new creatures. Meet and recruit memorable Adorimons of characters, and new stories always waiting to be uncooked.

Key Features

  • Open eggs and gather Adorimons – There are over 100 creatures in need of rescue. Unlimited upgrade – Develop, improve, and progress your pet in different strengths and difficulties.
  • A proven conversion system – 15 items that make up your pet store.
  • Multiplayer chaos – Participate in player-to-player matches and join real-time seats with other players.
  • Stunning graphics – It maintains the original strategy, improves the user’s sensory experience as much as possible, and has a wide variety of highly adaptable mobiles.
  • Unique mod feature – In traditional strategy games, the nature and fun of the game is the amount of time users spend collecting their in-game items/powers/skills, but on top of that, the act of collecting will inevitably tire people out. But now with the advent of modifications, this feature has been rewritten. Here there is no need to spend most of your energy, get a little bored, and repeat the “accumulation”. Mods allow you to skip this step, allowing you to focus on the fun of the game itself.

Download Adorimon now and seek adventure in the lovely world alongside your Adorimon squad!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Adorimon v1.0.102
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Ubiplay PTE. LTD.
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Unlimited Lives
  • Size: 110.0MB



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