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Idle Civilization: Idle Civilization is a simulation game that takes players back to ancient civilizations. The goal of the game is to repeat history and to create important works of the past when you must complete this quest before the infinite world ends. Featuring stunning graphic designs of colorful and cartoonish art style, this game offers you a playful and joyful touch to the overall gaming experience. Prepare to embark on a journey to speed up your treasure hunt and unlock the Great Gods as you flourish the remnants of the ancient society.

Game Flow

AdVenture Ages takes players back in time with the confidence to win. In this new simulation game, players have a chance to become a great champion with great prizes.

◈ Experience and discover the mysteries

As you enter and explore the Adventure Ages game experience, you will find that every aspect of this game is designed to help everyone play and get the most out of the game. The game sets out to restore the previously destroyed inventory by leading the world. All the nations in this game are among the most powerful nations in history. This is an opportunity for players to experience and discover a long-lost mystery.

◈ Go anywhere you want

If you have a lot of gold and silver in your hands, you can unlock many other areas that you can explore. After returning from the ship, you will go on a trip to different places. Some of these include exploring fallen nations, while others are all about winning big prizes in AdVenture Ages. You can get your own big prize and become the biggest winner.

◈ Collect items to upgrade

The game takes players to travel through worlds with their own cultures and personalities. While exploring each tribe, each player’s job is to gather resources. The goal is to make the most modern and powerful time machine. Collect various resources to strengthen your abilities, including weapons, knowledge, art, mechanics, and technology.

◈ Manage your resources

All these resources and items you gathered will create a powerful force for you. If you want to manage easily and easily, collect previous heroes from different eras to help you manage your assets. Fire up the time machine using the resources you’ve collected. Start your journey on the levels to improve each time. A player’s name score is determined by the game’s rating. Start your journey to become the best customer.

◈ Awaken the gods

Later in the game, it’s time to wake up the gods. The only way is to successfully unlock it using gold and silver. To do this, you should challenge yourself to save as much money as you can. When all the gods exist, they are given the role of the most famous king.

◈ A word from the developer team

AdVenture Ages is a game with a historical sense, so the elements and content of the game still need appropriate answers for all players, especially for new users who have just started to experience the game. If you have any problems, or ideas or just want to tell us about your favorite people, we will be happy to answer your needs as soon as possible. Our game development team is always here for you, with you on your journey. Every player should participate in the game chats to learn and get a lot of information about this game. In this way, all players will be able to access this game faster and without any problem.

It’s time to show the ruling class what you’ve got and start your adventure today in AdVenture Ages!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: AdVenture Ages v1.22.1
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Hyper Hippo
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Free Scientist Card
  • Size: 78.0MB



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