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Adventure Bar Story is a popular RPG featuring distinctive graphics of anime style, where you have the opportunity to be the most powerful tycoon in the world.

The Story

In the story, the main character has a tavern in a make-believe world. Once the wealthy person in the area said they would take over the place, so the character had no choice but to find new ingredients for their recipes. The only way he can make great food and keep his business going. The player needs to help the main character in their important mission by finding ingredients for more than 400 recipes.

This place is known to be really dangerous with fancy restaurants known for their good food and scary dishes. Many talented adventurers will come to your pub to talk about business which means that at any moment, you could die.

Game Flow

Come to Adventure Bar to live the life of a famous bar owner and compete at a very high level. Your rival is Gustav, who owns a popular restaurant chain in town and wants to purchase your pub. We make delicious and unique dishes using dragon meat and eggs to serve our customers. You can make your customers stronger by serving them the most filling and strong food and always keep learning by trying out over 400 different recipes with special ingredients.

▪Fight against Gustav’s destruction and plots

A big problem comes into your life and changes everything. At the same time, you need to get ready to stand tall and plan smart ways to make your pub grow. Fighting against a strong opponent, the only way to survive is by making your pub the most popular and powerful place.

▪Improve your bar’s ranking

Use the food you found on your journey to cook. Help customers and win competitions to increase your bar’s reputation and unlock new game events. Can you analyze changes in demand during different seasons and combinations of products?

▪Get stronger by eating

In this game, the characters don’t get stronger by battling monsters like in other games. You can only get EXP by eating. Make a lot of food for your customers and friends at the party. Cut monsters into pieces and make them your main meal, and fighting in battles is the best way to find rare and special ingredients.

Key Features

▪ Designed for foodies and dessert lovers

The amazing thing is that your pub will always compete with the surrounding pubs and restaurants when it comes to food and drink. In addition to the level of information security, the budget also prevents customers from leaving. In fact, dragon meat can be transformed into flavored meat. It doesn’t stop there, you can steal dragon eggs to make a cool omelet.

▪Food Adventure Package

  • Exploration: Go into new places to find ingredients, learn new recipes, and meet interesting people and experiences.
  • Cooking System: Make yummy food with ingredients from the game to bring in customers and make your bar more popular.
  • Management and upgrade: Improve your bar’s design and decorations to make it more welcoming and attract more customers.
  • Monster Battles: Fight against monsters in exciting battles to gather special items and make your party members stronger.
  • Farming: Grow your own fruits and vegetables and raise animals on your farm to make fresh food and have more choices for cooking.

▪Mod feature

In Adventure Bar Story, the main goal of collecting money, internal money, is to stimulate the growth and prosperity of your establishment as you complete exciting missions and find delicious recipes.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Adventure Bar Story v1.7.2
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Developer: RideonJapan
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Unlimited Money
  • Size: 13.0MB



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