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Adventure Bay, is an adventure-filled survival simulator set in different vibrant islands where you have to survive and make the island flourish piece by piece. Be yourself and enjoy the enchanting island life in your own way. Explore, craft, find treasures, and have fun together with friends to build more buildings. The island is alive! Have you got what it takes to be a real survivalist in Adventure Bay?

Game Flow

Adventure Bay offers new experiences when you visit deserted islands and become one with nature. Every task will make you go to different places on the island. Meeting and becoming friends with people who have boats or some playful monkeys can help you learn important things. Create your town by collecting materials and using them to build things.

🐮 Interact with the in-game characters

Adventure Bay has introduced you to a new character named Redbeard to help the town make more money and grow. You will be the one who is ready to share your knowledge on how to use the dock. So, the player can get new things to play with. They will start making a seaport, making more places to make things, and making more products to match the needs of the shipments.

🏝 Explore the island

The main activity in Adventure Bay is fixing up an old town. Players are given clear plans to help them run and improve it well. Concentrating on various resources will help you construct more buildings for the town in the near future.

  • Gain loot

The secret to survival on this island is to make the most of the resources around you. The items found on the journeys are used to build some machines needed for the production process. Other resources used on the island are very useful for home development. But it is not easy to take the loot, so the thieves have to be ready to escape and become rich.

  • Get extra star

You will discover the secret of the empty town, collect items, and find anything unusual. This trip is like traveling; when you get on the boat, you can go anywhere really fast. Here, there are many things to do, and you can earn extra stars for doing them.

  • Find treasures

Hearing about the hidden treasures of sea urchins might make you want to go and find them to see for yourself. Lydia, Henry, and Jojo will travel together like true explorers. You make good friends, gather more stories, and put your abilities to work to finish tasks.

🛣 Restore the old town

The most exciting thing to do in Adventure Bay is fixing up an old town. Clear plans are provided to help players run and grow it effectively. Focusing on different resources will help you build more buildings for the town soon. The land that has been brought back will be used for farming. Get involved in community projects to make the town more lively, help grow the local museum, and learn how to fix up old historical places. Make the town thriving and your community will be successful!

👩🏻‍🤝‍👩🏻Have fun together with friends

Talking to people is the best way to make friends or plan fun hangouts with others. If you want to grow new plants or study animals, you need to meet these requirements to have a chance to do it. Your world will be in lovely and mysterious islands. Furthermore, you can interact with wild animals to tame and train them to help you with everyday tasks and become your best friends.

It’s time to leave big-city life and start a new chapter of your life in Adventure Bay! Download now, the future of your islands is what you make of them.

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  • Latest Version: Adventure Bay v0.40.19
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: GAMEGOS
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Unlimited Gems
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