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Welcome my friend, to AdVenture Communist – The fairest communism simulation game in the world! AdVenture Communists takes you into a smorgasbord of growing potato gardens – hundreds of delicious potato gardens around the world. Here you will become the richest boss of all. Starting at the bottom with the mundane job of growing potatoes, you climb up the ladder step by step until you become a real potato tycoon. Therefore, you must learn to create the most effective plan to develop the region’s means of production, improve your potato harvest performance, and make your potatoes stand out.


The game is about communism and the player will be a new farmer starting a potato farm. You are working hard and smart to grow lots of potatoes and slowly create a big business. The farmer wants to create businesses and own the land, and you must work harder to make more things and grow their empire, bringing together different countries to help improve the lives of people and raise their living conditions.

Peace, Land, and Potatoes!

Communism never sleeps while workers work hard to keep their industries running all day and night. It’s easy, even a person who believes in capitalism could do it. It’s time to show the people in charge what you can do. Begin your journey from farming to factories today – Only in AdVenture Communist. In general, the game’s rules are pretty easy to understand. In addition to growing potatoes, you also need to take care of your resources like making weapons, mining ore, owning land, and producing medicine.

Ground rules

It all starts with a humble potato, which is the key to your success and allows you to continue on to the pinnacle of glory in the world of AdVenture Communist. Players simply repeat a single task – collecting potatoes on their farms. Use it to contribute to the Glorious State and each donation will help your level grow. The more potatoes you donate each time, the higher your rank will increase.

Get loots

  • Earn gold

AdVenture Communist occasionally brainstorms ways to make your path to success challenging. Develop the best strategy to grow your tribe and earn glory for it. However, in order to make your tribe thunderous, you must have a large amount of gold, the only monetary value that can sustain your ranking.

  • Harvest potatoes

Every few potato harvest seasons, the AdVenture Communist Organization organizes a special expedition. This is the perfect opportunity for you to upgrade your farm. If you complete the challenge within the time limit, you will receive privileges. Only in this mission, you can have unique gifts.

  • Don’t miss the unique rewards

Don’t miss any opportunity for AdVenture Communist to create even the smallest gift for you, as well as mysterious events hidden in the game. Therefore, take every opportunity to participate in the roulette and bring great rewards to your land.

Recruit researchers

Those who can’t lead a team don’t really succeed. You can’t develop your farm or store without the support of top researchers. Gather researchers as you progress through AdVenture Communist. Each researcher has unique strengths and wisdom. But they have one thing in common – they are all talented. Therefore, you can give them the most critical task – to develop a strategy for the best development of your region.

Regular visits to the store

If you want your production facility to quickly rise to the top of the charts, then you must really take care of it. Keep the momentum going by carefully observing the store and replacing missing items as soon as possible. Capture the trends of your competitors’ stores and develop a sound competitive strategy.

Unleash your inner imagination and build a unique world of AdVenture Communist that’s an expression of you!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: AdVenture Communist v6.27.0
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Hyper Hippo
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Free Scientist Upgrade
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