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Adventure Escape Mysteries is an exciting escape game with special and extraordinary puzzles and highly-rated stories that are loved by millions of players. In these delicately illustrate adventures, you can solve puzzles, uncover mysteries, and discover clues that will help solve the case.

It is one of the best adventure games available in the App Store and Google Play. Adventute Escape Mysteries was released by Haiku Games Co. on December 21, 2018, which has been very popular among gamers ever since. If you are a fan of puzzle with adventure genres, this game is designed for you.


  • Ingenious Gameplay: With the most ingenious escape room gameplaywhich you will never get bored, Adventure Escape Mysteries allows you to investigate the surroundings and find out clues to solve all the puzzles.
  • Remastered Graphics: Adventure Escape Mysteries has a colorful 2D graphics platform, and the main usage of dark colors creates a sense of mystery in the game, making players curious. You can explore over 100 stunninglyillustrated scenes, carefully-crafted puzzles and navigate intricate cases.
  • Unique Puzzles: You can play funny and variouspuzzles that will delight and refresh your mind. They are also a bit of challenging for a rookie detective.
  • Save progress: You can keep track of your progress, so you can continue playing on different you can play on multiple devices!
  • More Stories: There are more stories will be shared in the future.Stay tuned for the unknown danger and puzzles awaiting you in the room.


Adventure Escape Mysteries is totally free for you to play. If you’re having trouble, you can buy a hint to support Haiku, but it’s your choice and not compulsory. There are no puzzles that are impossible to solve just to make you pay. Even better, no ads displayed while you are fully engaged in the game.

✬  Experience an incredible adventure

Help rescue a make-believe kingdom in Legend of the Sacred Stones. An unknown spell has affected Tempus Island. So you need to assist Aila as she gains power over the elements, discover information about her past while fighting giant Stone Gods in this amazing journey. Adventure Escape Mysteries does not follow a specific storyline. Instead, the game will provide various situations that correspond to different stories for you to figure out.

✬  Investigate a Murder Mystery

The main task for you is to find out who committed the crime and solve the puzzle in a murder case. You can be Detective Kate Gray in Trapmaker and try to solve a mysterious murder case by investigating it. Question the people involved in the case, look for evidence and use your intelligence to uncover all the hidden information at the crime scene.

✬  Solve Special Puzzles

Improve your thinking abilities, use your ability to notice the events taking place around you, think logically, and be clever to solve our puzzles and find objects that are hidden. Besides, gather valuable items and equipment in your collection, search for hints, and have a fun escape room adventure on your phone.

✬  Survive the Horror

Julian Torres is an ordinary guy who lives in the quiet town of Ardenville. However, for some unknown reason, there is a scary serial killer called Mirror Man who keeps attempting to murder Julian. Who is Mirror Man? What you can do to stop him? You should do something that can prevent Mirror Man from succeeding or causing harm, and provide assistance stay Julian alive or overcome a difficult situation.

Apart from puzzles in Adventure Escape Mysteries, I bet you’ll also enjoy the stories and the characters. It’s a must-have in your puzzle game list, come on!

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  • Latest Version: Adventure Escape Mysteries v25.03
  • Category: Puzzle
  • Developer: Haiku Games
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 6.0+
  • Size: 134.1MB



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