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Adventure Of Defender is a thrilling adventure game filled with monsters and opportunities where you can forge a brand-new way in the supernatural world. It is also a revolutionary strategy game with AFK features designed for everyone to enjoy. Will you bring the peace back to your land or watch your empire crumble to dust?

Key Features

You, as the hero to save the whole world, have the magical powers and abilities of the defenders. You can choose to switch from easy mode to practice, or you can take on the tough dragon boss and fight until the end.

✦ A compelling plot

The game has fun things to do, but the story is so interesting that it keeps players involved the whole time they are playing. The future of the world is in your hands as you make choices in the game and uncover its hidden truths. The exciting story makes the game more fun and motivates players to finish the quest.

✦ More Challenges

If you want to stop the monsters from destroying your home, you need to go to the location of the most powerful monsters, a handful of destroying the root of evil. All is not as smooth sailing as you might think on this journey.

  • Limited Weapons: At the beginning, your props and weapons are plain and unassuming, you need to keep improving their utility and polishing them to increase your fighting ability.
  • Rising Difficulty: The difficulty of the levels increases over time. It is your responsibility to decide the future of the entire world.

In order to succeed against the monsters, you must first hone your existing skills. You are the Chosen One to stop the destruction of the world.

✦ Deep DIY system

The game features a full-fledged Build Items feature that uses the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) method to create your goods and set yourself apart from the competition. Players can show who they are through their characters by picking different status options. There are many options to customize your Adventure of Defender experience. You can choose to play as a quick hero or a strong warrior. When facing powerful enemies, it’s best to equip yourself with powerful weapons and armor – which you can tailor to your specifications to suit your play style.

✦ Sophisticated crafting system

When you put similar things together, players can make better versions of those items. As you face harder creatures, having better gear is important for staying alive. This feature lets players improve their gear so they can always be prepared for anything.

✦ Different abilities to choose from

In this game, you can choose your favorite abilities to learn at will. Different skills correspond to various weapons and factions. Two evenly matched opponents using different weapons may lead to unexpected results.

✦ Exercise your strategy skills

A good strategy is the basis for success. You’ll perform better in battle if you come up with unique strategies, which add another layer of difficulty and variety to the game. Can you use your mind to overcome forces you’ve never faced before?

✦ PVP arenas

Your main goal in Adventure of Defender is to save the world from monsters, and you can also play competitively with other people. Join fun battles against other players and show that you are the best defender in the land. The more enemies you beat and the better you play than other players, the more of a hero you’ll become.

The mod features open up infinite options for new worlds in Adventure Of Defender. Download to have fun now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Adventure Of Defender v1.275
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: Diary Animation
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Mega Menu, Currency
  • Size: 203.8MB



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