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Adventure Reborn is an action-adventure game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players will experience a role-playing format combined with its FPS elements, allowing you to control characters with the ability to execute challenges. With the classic role-playing format, Adventure Reborn allows players to control characters with different abilities to experience rich gameplay and utilize randomly dropped weapons to conquer tantalizing levels.


Adventure Reborn is a special adventure game that has come back with a brand new look, which offers a new space for players to explore and have fun. It takes place in a world after a big disaster full of poisonous gases. Players need to explore different places in the world after a disaster to find answers to important questions.

You’ll play with heroes to help rescue your parents. Adventure Reborn allows players to become Hope, a brave girl with a mysterious past. Before Dr evil Frank and his group, the player will have to go against them to stop their whole plan. Meet the non-player characters who have survived the pollution from toxic gas.

Key Features

  • Apocalyptic theme: The game’s space is heavily polluted by dangerous toxic fumes, and the story setting of a post-apocalyptic world may put you off.
  • Scary Graphics: The game brings extremely scary graphics to fulfill the player’s craving for crazy action, fighting monsters, and restoring peace to mankind.
  • Innovative gameplay: The game offers adventure – exciting action combined with puzzle solving in the form of asking questions and finding answers while searching for hidden targets. Correctly answering puzzles gives you the opportunity to explore more colorful locations and unlock more brave heroes in the post-apocalyptic world.
  • Engaging plot twists: Immerse yourself in the story of the character Hope, who has a mysterious past and is on a journey to save his parents from the Crow cult.

Game Flow

In the game, you will control the story of Hope, a brave girl with a secret past. Confront the dangerous Crow group and rescue your parents before it’s too late. Who is the secretive Dr. n Is Frank being supported by a cult? Will their bad plan succeed? How does Hope fit into this?

☛ Make decisions

You can find the answers to those questions by visiting many different colorful places. Solve lots of puzzles that have been made just for you. Come and meet great heroes and find out hidden secrets in the world of Reborn after it was destroyed. Every decision you make will have a bearing on the end and fate of your loved ones.

☛ Uncover the mystery

In the post-apocalyptic world game, players will have to answer lots of different questions. So, talking to NPC characters is very important to help you get answers to your questions. From that point, players will slowly find out the secret plans of Dr. Frank is not showing himself.

☛ Save your loved ones

In Adventure Reborn, the story changes based on what you choose. It’s a story about love being stronger than evil. Join in and help Hope solve the puzzles to rescue her parents. The future of this family depends on you.

A Word From the Developer

We are a small company that makes fun and exciting games. We started with Lucid Dream, it got a lot of awards and many people liked it. More than 3 million people are playing it. Our games are fun to play and sometimes talk about hard things. We come up with creative ideas and offer the best entertainment, and we really hope that you’ll enjoy this game.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Adventure Reborn v1.33
  • Category: Adventure
  • Developer: Dali Games: adventure games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: All Chapters Unlocked
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