Adventures Road: Heroes Way

Adventures Road: Heroes Way v0.5.59 MOD APK(Free Castle, Building Upgrade)

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Adventures Road: Heroes Way is a captivating adventure-packed strategy game brimming with amazing combat, world-building, and free exploration. Get ready to traverse uncharted territories, defeat dangerous enemies, tap huge energy sources, and exploit the most advanced mining technology. Build a team of brave warriors, send them into battle, and plan your rise to empire and glory. Now it’s time to build, strategize, and create your own paradise full of light!

Key Features

Battle your way through an exciting action-adventure game inspired by the Minecraft universe! In Adventure’s Road, we believe in magic, and we hope you do too: The heroes in a world of darkness should create a kingdom of light. Travel to new places, find new things, play Minecraft, fight monsters with your kingdom, and have fun playing strategy games. Keep doing your great job of building and battling all day long.

★ Endless exploration

You can traverse the land, sea, and sky, and you can traverse all kinds of environments as you explore the world. You can also tackle even the most dangerous areas with tons of weapons packed with your strategies.



★ Deep craft system

Make full use of the items you gather and their abilities to create fire, produce power, or extract metal so that you can live a comfortable life. Create a small fortress, collect things, and make everything you need like tools, weapons, and protective clothing. In this funny game, you can also make regular peasants rich by teaching adventurous people and giving them the rewards they earn. Provide them with security, new ideas for mining, growth, and a just tax system.

★ Survive challenging foes

Defeat enemies using strategy and quick thinking in battles that happen in real-time. Take into account the strengths and weaknesses of each enemy as you pick from different weapons, spells, and special skills.

★ Full building structures

Create anything you want with lots of materials and items, even castles. Get your own private island to build a castle and keep your special things, and you can also show it to your friends.


Game Flow

  • Begin a journey or adventure: Discover new lands and grow your territory, finding new areas with potential and new chances for success.
  • Search for adventures: Find treasures like gold and precious gems. Go on missions to get gold and gems that are important for the success of your kingdom.
  • Create and craft items: Learn how to make new weapons to improve your champions’ collection. You can overcome the challenges ahead by working carefully and skillfully.
  • Build beautiful and grand houses and buildings: Create strong castles to give hope, build homes for your loyal people, and make mills that help with progress.
  • Train your soldiers: Build a strong group of heroes by teaching and giving them strong equipment. Get them ready to be strong and brave against the coming darkness.
  • Fight scary creatures: Fight exciting battles against scary monsters and enemies who want to stop your kingdom from growing.
  • Plan strategically: Use smart thinking and skills to carefully handle problems and make smart decisions.
  • Build better societies and make great people even better: See your society getting bigger through hard work and make your heroes stronger and more powerful.
  • Gain bonus: Every day you can get extra rewards, and you can also spin the wheel to win prizes. Enjoy the benefits of your effort by getting daily bonuses and prizes from the wheel of fortune, and improve your mining operations and buildings.

Download and join a world where you design, craft, and release your inner hero as you battle fierce monsters to rescue those in need and build your kingdom.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Adventures Road: Heroes Way v0.5.59
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Game Veterans
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • MOD: Free Castle, Building Upgrade
  • Size: 114.0MB



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