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Aerial_Knights Never Yield is a futuristic 3D runner set in the Detroit of Tokyo style, where Wally uncovers some important information that will change the city. With different stages and a simple story shown through short animated videos without any dialogue, this short runner obstacle course game allows you to check out a cool virtual world with awesome music that features the real sounds of Detroit artists.

Like most running games, Aerial_Knights Never Yield mostly moves from left to right on the screen, but with a few differences, which is really fun and memorable because it has cool cyberpunk artwork and a nice soundtrack.


Aerial Knight’s Never Yield is a 3D game where you run and dodge obstacles like in old-school endless running games, with a cool story that keeps players moving. Move quickly, do cool tricks, and avoid obstacles. Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is made for people who like to play games fast, but it’s also fun for players who play games casually.

♬ Basic controls – WASD

The controls of Aerial_Knights Never Yield are easy to handle. The WASD keys on the keyboard or a controller are the basis.

  • Up = Jump
  • Down = Slide
  • Left = Jump in the middle and break obstacles
  • Right = Run through closed doors

The controls are simple and the buttons stay the same no matter how you hold the screen.

♬ Run through intricate levels

The game has 13 levels and you can choose from 3 different difficulty modes. After you read the beginning part that teaches you how to control the game, you can change the game to make it easier or harder. The levels of Aerial_Knights Never Yield are not long and have checkpoints, so even if the game is hard, you can get better by playing more and getting used to it.

  • The easier mode makes time go slower before obstacles and gives you warnings.
  • The normal mode makes time go a little slower.
  • The difficult mode makes time go regular speed and adds more obstacles.

♬ Difficulty increases dramatically

Each level gets harder as you go, and it seems like the levels are the same each time you play them on different difficulty settings. After some time, the levels become really wild. In one level, you run from the bottom of the screen to the top instead of from side to side. Sometimes, in the last few levels, you will randomly switch sides and go from right to left.

♬ Mind the obstacles

Sometimes it’s hard to see the obstacles, but after playing for a while, you start to notice the colors on the screen rather than the obstacles themselves. This makes it much easier to understand and based on quick reactions. If not, some things in the front or back look mixed together and it’s hard to see what the problem is. Every obstacle has a light showing the color of the button you need to press.

♬ Unlock exclusive outfits

As you play, you will unlock different stylish outfits little by little. These are just fancy covers for cosmetics. After playing the game once and some levels more than once, you are able to unlock all the outfits, and more exclusive ones are waiting for you.

♬ Enjoy masterpiece soundtrack

The music for Aerial_Knight’s Never Yield is being made by “Danime-Sama,” a Detroit artist. The songs will also feature singers from different countries, offering a more immersive gaming experience for you.

If you are a fanatic of runner-style games, Aerial_Knights Never Yield is definitely worth checking out. Download now to blast your way to the finish line!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Aerial_Knights Never Yield v1.0.97
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: Headup
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Full Game
  • Size: 1.5GB



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