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Aero Attack v10.0.5 MOD APK(High Attack/HP, Massive GoldDrop)

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Aero Attack is a highly stylized action-packed flight combat arcade game intentionally designed to be more enjoyable & less nerve-racking for everyone. You’ll have fun making the evil forces of monstrous tanks and armored fighters explode while experiencing the sensation of flying and shooting. Fight for the best position and highest scores possible with smart tactics, risky maneuvers, and visceral attacks. Let none of the evil forces escape!

A Space War Game

Aero Attack is not a normal shooting game where you just scroll through the levels, which will grab your attention with its pretty scenes and strong special effects. It will keep you entertained with its great game features, levels, and items you can collect while playing, thus you’ll want more when it’s finished. Fortunately, there are more things to do before that happens.

✈ Choose from a variety of weapons

There is a wide range of aircraft for you to collect and exciting levels to explore. The future of NOVA depends on skilled pilots like you. Gather different types of craft, like fighter planes and spaceships, and parts like wings, to battle against big tanks, armored fighters, drone carriers, and huge mechanical beasts to do your job.


✈ Shoot your enemy down

Face off big and scary bosses including vast tanks, armored fighters, and drone carriers, laugh when they get defeated, and feel sad when you get defeated. Attack your enemies with a machine gun, engage in aerial combat, drop bombs on ground targets, and launch rockets at ground troops and enemy vehicles.

✈ Enjoy more mini-games

Apart from the exciting gameplay which lets everyone experience thrilling battles, there are some other mini-games for you to explore in the game, adding more fun and keeping you coming back all the time. You can unlock exclusive rewards and bonuses by completing a variety of missions in the fun mini-games.

Key Features

  • Awesome crafts – Gather different types of crafts like fighter planes, spaceships, parts, and planes with wings. Add lots of improvements to your weapons, shields, and other gear. Transform your airplane into a tough, armored vehicle in the sky.
  • Exciting exploration – Take on challenges all over the world NOVA – from space to beautiful forests, rivers, oceans, and deserts.
  • Fighting different foes – Fight big tanks, strong fighters, drones carrying things, and even huge mechanical animals to do your job.
  • Have fun together with friends – Have a ton of fun by asking your friends to play with you in the local cooperative mode. Choose the planes that are best for you and your friends and then try to beat the toughest bosses, which are too scary to face alone.
  • Modern visuals and designs – Aero Attack is the spirit of the classic arcade shoot ‘em ups, which is a new version of the old school shooting games, but with better graphics and design. The new game in the series will be enjoyable and have all the things you like in scrolling shooters.
  • Exciting sound effects – Listen to the exciting music that will take you to different places in the game. Imagine being in space battles and enemy territory as you hear the music.


Mod Features

With these special mod features, you will have an extremely fun and exciting aero-attack gaming experience.

  • Unlimited money and resources: You will have unlimited money and resources to buy in-game items, upgrades, and equipment.
  • Unlock every level: You can access every level in the game without completing the previous levels.
  • Powerful weapons: Mod APK cracked offers you the most powerful weapons from the very beginning of the game.

My ace pilot, welcome to your new favorite shoot’em up aero game! Download and rally and fight for humanity’s future!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Aero Attack v10.0.5
  • Category: Arcade
  • Developer: IYAGAMES
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: High Attack/HP, Massive GoldDrop
  • Size: 730.0MB



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