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Aerofly FS 2022 is an ultimate flight simulator where you feel like a pilot flying all kinds of different planes in a very realistic world with tons of different flights and realistic details to explore. Featuring advanced and modern planes in the hangar, Aerofly FS 2022 brings more fun for each player. Additionally, the career system has many opportunities for people to become professional pilots all around the world.

Game Highlights

Come inside the cockpit of your favorite plane or take a calming long flight in a military aircraft. Find new places by flying special missions or pretending to be an airline pilot and pick from lots of real flights. Keep an eye on how your career is going with the new flight log feature. Or, try to get all the achievements for every type of aircraft.

πŸ›© A wide range of aircraft

Aerofly FS 4 is a realistic flight simulator with more than 1200 airports made specially for this game. Many different planes to fly with a system to rank them and lots of options to customize their appearance. Discover flying in a big collection of highly detailed airplanes with fully moving 3D cockpits and special coded systems. Travel with big airplanes, small helicopters, private jets, military jets, and old war planes, as well as smaller planes and stunt planes, across a realistic-looking landscape.

πŸͺ‚ Realistic flight dynamics

Aerofly FS 4 is a new type of flight simulator game that is easy to use and has really good graphics and technology. It’s designed for modern computers and can work with virtual reality. It also has realistic physics and aerodynamics. Aerofly FS 4 includes elevation data and aerial images from around the world.

πŸ‘ Complicated career system with different ranks

The career system in Aerofly FS 2022 is very important. It rates how well players do when flying different kinds of planes. As they finish missions, they will unlock new types of aircraft in the hangar. This will let them fly in harder and more advanced missions. Players can enter competitions to get better licenses and more access to the pilot’s field. You can become a great flight planner using an advanced system that simulates a real control tower.

πŸŽ‡ Stunning visuals

The best feature of Aerofly FS 2022 is its 3D graphics, which make the world and sky look very real. Β At the same time, the video effects and things look really good and are very lifelike, making every player’s experience beautiful. Additionally, the graphics are designed to work well so that players always have a smooth experience, even in busy or tricky parts of the game.

More Features

  • Easy-to-use display with map and editing tool for routes.
  • Begin the flight right away in a mode for cruising, taking off, or landing, on the ground, getting ready to move, or in the cold and dark.
  • Instant replay is when a video of a sports play is shown again right after it happens.
  • Extra features like automatic adjusting of navigation, automatic lights, and turning off of warnings, and other helpful features for flying.
  • Records of flights, numbers, and things done well.
  • Pre-made flight plans and personal flight plans.
  • Airplanes flying all over the world for more than 10,000 real flights.
  • Growing and designing a landscape with 3D buildings, power lines, wind turbines, trees, and other things.
  • Complete coverage around the world for elevation, pictures taken from above, and information for finding your way around.
  • You can change the time of day, how clear it is, how windy it is, how many clouds there are, the heat in the air, and how rough the air is.
  • Lights from aircraft and the apron at the airport shine on the ground in the present moment.
  • Most common joysticks are included and ready to use when you start flying for the first time.

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Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Aerofly FS 2022 v20.22.09.18
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: IPACS
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Full Game
  • Size: 1.0GB



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