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AEW: Rise to the Top v0.1.4 MOD APK(Famous Wrestlers)

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Take a hero’s journey of wrestling, level up from aspiring rookie to world champion by learning, training, glamming, and eventually slamming to the top of the wrestling food chain! Developed by East Side Games Studio with lots of wrestling passion, AEW: Rise to the Top is made specifically for wrestling fans and prioritizes the player’s enjoyment, it is a video game that follows the story of a person who manages wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling.

AEW: Rise to the Top provides intense and action-packed battles. Create your wrestling star and embark on a career inside the ring. Either way, you will need to make the correct choices in order to succeed in this massive wrestling world of hundreds of characters that change every week.

Create your Wrestling Empire

Do the right moves behind the scenes and in the wrestling ring to prove your value and leave with a memorable career, while the weekly news reports give you more information than ever. When you’ve seen it all, you can customize each roster to make the world your own and never get bored of this wrestling game.

  1. Get higher titles

In AEW: Rise to the Top, you will begin with one of the aspiring wrestlers. Regularly practice and take part in a set of special events that happen every week, and you will achieve higher positions. As progress further in AEM, you will unlock bigger and stronger wrestlers. Afterward, you will be able to acquire a very famous wrestler. Each person who appears is respectfully sent to difficult battles, where your opponents are also familiar names from previous classic AEM parts. My main aim is to become the greatest wrestling trainer ever. I want to bring together the most well-known wrestlers from around the world.

  1. Collect strong wrestlers

There is only one way for you to become a talented wrestler manager and that is to have tons of famous wrestlers. Adam Page, Young Bucks, Saraya, and even Chris Jericho are at your service in AEW: Rise to the Top. Gather them into your ranks!

When you gain professional wrestlers, you should try to train them, like participating in competitions, where they can have the chance to challenge and defeat powerful rivals. If your wrestler wins, he will become stronger, and also give the manager more experience points and bonuses.

  1. Expand your management

The bonus will be used to purchase extra training equipment, enlarge the arena, and have more funds to organize more high-profile matches linked to your reputation, and experience points allow you to unlock stronger wrestlers. Later in the game, you can become a lead member of the management team, and more opportunities are available to you in the future.


AEW: Rise to the Top is not just about showing off management skills, it also allows wrestling fans to watch intense matches in different arenas. Whenever you engage in a fight, you really like the game’s interactive fighting style. The game lets you fight automatically, however, players will decide what their character aims to achieve, which playing area to choose, and who they will compete against. The freestyle animation system turns anything into mind-blowing spots, while the interactive experience lets you control everything from start to finish.

The first and most crucial step is deciding which direction to improve your wrestler’s skills. In simple words, this means that if you do this, you will make your team more likely to win in both small and large competitions.

Download and present the right matches in the right way at the right time to build up your wrestling empire!

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  • Latest Version: AEW: Rise to the Top v0.1.4
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