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AFK Angel Knights v2.21.92 MOD APK(Mega Menu, One Hit, God Mode)

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AFK Angel Knights is an online simulator combined with multiplayer fantasy and idle RPG mechanics, where you should protect all life on Earth to be a hero. Gather heroes, improve their equipment and abilities, and then send them into battles where they fight automatically or click rapidly to defeat powerful bosses – the choice is in your hands!


A shadow appeared with the missing goddess Leah, so you are the chosen one to become the hero of Angel Knights and save the world. AFK Angel Knights: Idle RPG is about good and evil fighting each other. It’s a type of game where you don’t have to do much, just watch and wait. At the beginning of the story, a strange shadow and the missing goddess Lea appear together. When your kingdom is in darkness and people are dying, you must find a way to help and protect them. To win, players need to become heroes around the world. If Goddess Lea dies, you can’t wait to go on your adventure. Choose a name for your character.

Be a Superhero

AFK Angel Knights fought alongside the players, and the never-ending battles took place. The world is becoming more chaotic, so people need to keep stepping up to the plate and be heroes to help others. Strong soldiers arrived on time and defeated the leaders. Fighting until the end is your only motto in the game.


 🧙‍♂️ Hero collection

Create your group with the mightiest knights, warriors, and archers with an expansive choice of weapons. Find and collect new amazing heroes during your journey, and make your team stronger, and send them to battle without needing to control them.

🔮 Infinite growth

In AFK Angel Knights: Idle RPG, as players keep playing, more enemies will come and they will be stronger. You will need new ways to fight and special abilities to defeat them. When you get new gear, you will become stronger and cause more damage during attacks. Build your business, support Lea, and revive your world.

👻 Confront your enemies

AFK Angel Knights makes it simple to prepare for and join a fight where you will compete with other teams, not just individuals. Before you start fighting, gather a group of powerful superheroes. Create a team of no more than three heroes, each with their special powers, and use them to defeat your enemies. You should have the right tools to face any enemies that come your way.

💪 An exciting adventure with intense combats

New weapons make fighting in wars easier. AFK Angel Knights might seem like it’s just for fun, but you have to defeat your enemies to do well. The weapons in AFK Angel Knights: Idle RPG help you become stronger in battles. After defeating an enemy, you can pick up the stuff they dropped. As you go through the different levels of the game, things will start to speed up, so you have to be fast.

⚔️ AFK game

Your heroes are always active, but you can take it easy in this game. Just sit back and let your characters fight the monsters for you. You can also speed up the battles and make the enemies suffer.


👯‍♂️ Friendly multiplayer

Join a group and meet new people in Firestone: Online Idle RPG. When you play with others, you all get stronger in the game, earn better rewards, and can do more challenging missions together. Or you can just talk to other players.

Download AFK Angel Knights now and all your in-game heroes keep grinding 24/7! So what are you waiting for?

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  • Latest Version: AFK Angel Knights v2.21.92
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: SPRING Games
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Mega Menu, One Hit, God Mode
  • Size: 135.0MB



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