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AFK Dungeon v1.1.50 MOD APK(Mega Menu, Damage, Defense)

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AFK Dungeon is a simulator combined with continuous action elements and endless idle fun. Come and enjoy a new adventure in a whole town where you can upgrade items, and explore different worlds. It has all the things you liked in the first one and more of the things you wanted. The best part of the game is that it takes place in dungeons and gives the player goals to complete, brimming with lots of new ideas about the fantasy world. You will constantly unlock new items and fun stories as they go through the game.


About AFK

AFK Dungeon offers tons of fun to explore without being too busy, but you can still have fun and get really into the game. Its skills or control system also works well together, making players feel like they have smooth and easy control. Boss battles are a great way for players to show how good they are at fighting, which also gives out quite good rewards.

AFK Dungeon will have a new way to play while not actively playing. It will also get better as players advance in the game. When they are not playing, their hero will fight monsters on its own. But the player can tell it what to do to finish quests. However, you can only idle for a certain amount of time, and you need to gather resources to keep idling.

Game Highlights

Your favorite game where you explore a dark dungeon is back. The evil guy has hidden lots of cool stuff in his castle but there are lots of monsters and traps that make it really hard to get them.

Interactive fight system

The fighting moves are really smooth and fast. Every fight is thrilling, no matter who the player is fighting. Most importantly, talking to each other is really helpful for the heroes they have unlocked. Over time, the speed and size of the battles will get much bigger to make the game more exciting in every way.

Never-ending underground maze with unique environments.

Even though you don’t have to play the game all the time, AFK Dungeon is still really fun and has a lot of potential to entertain players. At the same time, they will travel through many different lands or dungeons with different designs or environments, and fight many monsters along the way. The things you get from dungeons like special items and cool stuff are what make players want to do better and get stronger.

Exciting daily tasks

Doing tasks every day is the best way for players to make money in AFK Dungeon. The things you can do in the game change all the time, like defeating certain enemies or making things to get rewards for all your hard work. In addition to the daily tasks, there will be harder missions each week that give better rewards. These missions are really tough and might make players fight really strong bosses.

Better team up than go solo

Various creepy and crazy monsters await in the depths of the dungeon. Even though players have fought many bosses, playing with friends in raids is the most fun in action RPG games. Tough bosses and strong enemies will show up in certain places in the game, and players have to work together with others to beat them. The best reward is the highest quality, whether it’s equipment or items used to make equipment that’s even better than legendary.

Download AFK Dungeon now to assemble a mighty army, dive into unique unending dungeon-like activities, and see if you can successfully conquer perilous dungeons!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: AFK Dungeon v1.1.50
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: CookApps
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Mega Menu, Damage, Defense, HP, Mana
  • Size: 186.0MB



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