AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD

AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD v1.6.2 MOD APK(Strategic Fighting)

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AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD is a strategy game with idle RPG mechanics. In this game, you don’t have to be moved much to control, fair got to control imperative alternatives. But you’ll still appreciate endless energizing tower defense fights, and appreciate your capable armed force hurrying all over to ensure the kingdom.

Collect your heroes, upgrade your units, and send them in idle battles to defeat monstrous enemies. Every time you come back, you’ll be shocked to find tons of rewards in your inventory.


Within the mysterious kingdom, high-ranking magicians, in expansion to enchantment, are moreover able to summon all sorts of mammoths and furious mammoths all over on their arrival to assemble into a capable armed force of their possession. The foe is attempting to attack the kingdom, and it’s time for you and other gifted conjurers to summon your beasts and defend the kingdom against the armed force of Light. Alongside the protective fights, numerous privileged insights covered thousands of long times back of the kingdom, and the root of the Armed Force of Light is too slowly uncovered.


☛  Endless Rewards

Numerous other rewards for overhauling and treasure along the way are consequently collected. When your encounter focuses reach the next level, you’ll take advantage of Hive AFK mode to urge millions of appealing rewards and numerous important assets compared to some time recently.

☛ Dozens of Heroes

Under your command are the courageous heroes of the kingdom, who act on your sake to drive the armed force of furious beasts into fight, and entirely command them indeed after you are not there. With the collected involvement focuses you’ll slowly open up numerous unused gallant warriors. Build your team roster with dozens of heroes and each one is tied to a distinctive ability and update framework. With the bonuses earned through fights, you may have more cash to extend your capacities, in this manner summoning more effective beasts for your armed force.

☛ Strategic Fighting

With its unique combat system and tactics, AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD takes the Idle RPG genre to a whole new level. You can wisely combine and diversify the strategies in this game. In conjunction with the updates of heroes agreeing to this accessible framework, combining the pioneer warrior with different groups of creatures, advance secured by capable auto-firing watchtowers, you’ll be able to make incalculable procedures and battling components of their claim.v Just fine-tune your own personal strategy to be the most powerful conjurer.


With each sub-mode, the challenge always varies, the rhythm and the way of coordination and fighting are also different. You can always choose one mode that suits your unique playstyle there.

  • Tower Defense: Be that as it may, the amusement is separated into numerous little diversion modes with distinctive combat impacts, key ways, and asset collection.
  • Dungeon Mode: With this intense, matrix-like dungeon system, you must illustrate your astute administration abilities to battle against numerous sorts of horrendous foes.
  • Antiquities Trading Mode: The relics exchanging mode centers on chasing old artifacts and relics, for the most part focusing on more enterprise than combat and defense.
  • Bounty Hunting: Continually battle against an arrangement of waves of foes of distinctive sizes. With each passing coordinate, you get rewards. This cash can be utilized to overhaul heroes, and beasts and include watchtowers and security towers to the kingdom.
  • PVP Arena: Enter the world arena with other magicians around the world online. It’s a great opportunity for each player to test their possess capacities, and compare the quality of their group of heroes and beasts with others, through 5v5, 1v1, or society mode. You’ll never get alone in AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD.

Your immortal heroes never sit idle while you can relax in this strategy game. Download and have fun battling!

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  • Latest Version: AFK Monster: Summon Legend TD v1.6.2
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Dino Go
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android: 6.0+
  • Size: 136.0MB



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