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Play the role of an ancient man in AFK TRIBE , living within the Stone Age and beginning the journey to build the tribe together with your possessed assets. With beautiful designs and a retro-style adventure, the world of AFK TRIBE is still colorful and vivid, in which you’re a chief, fair taking on this position at an awfully youthful age. Venture through numerous challenges, grow yourself over time, battle, and end up a noticeable Chief of the Tribe. If you are seeking a simple and relaxing card game, AFK TRIBE is perfect for you.


As the youthful pioneer of a small tribe, everything seems impossible to develop. In any case, the obligation on the shoulders isn’t simple, and you ought to discover the correct way of driving your people to live well in this unsafe primitive environment. Other than that, you have got to continually think of ways to gather assets to construct your settlement and reunite your tribe to be the most grounded within the arrival.

In total, AFK TRIBE offers over 20 characters and approximately 70 creatures for you to unlock and collect. By combining numerous warriors and pets into the huge armed force of the tribe, you’ll vanquish all foes, guaranteeing great comes about for all future development.


AFK TRIBE is a mix of interesting gameplay and fun mechanics. Within the same AFK TRIBE, you’ll discover a better-than-average number of curious gameplay and mechanics that will shock players, and this game will not be synonymous with boredom.

✯ AFK Mechanism

The AFK mechanism makes a huge difference, which makes your character work consequently whereas you’re offline and still get things and overhauls regularly. The character overhaul instrument with a tight and sensible framework, each advance is clearly obvious, not moderate or an acceleration like numerous other sit-out-of-gear recreations.

✯ Pet Mechanism

The component of raising pets is additionally a special part of this game. Once you collect certain wild creatures, you’ll prepare them to end up pets. Then the game of opening lucky chests, very well known in versatile game recreations, allows you to forge close relationships with unique pets, bringing numerous startling delights to you.

✯ Turn-based Combat

You will command teams of monsters in turn-based combat against dinosaur enemies. When confronting savage dinosaurs, you may send one of your pets to battle. Utilize interesting skills and contradicting traits, and you’ll be able to take down your rival sometimes when it hurts your tribe.

Each dinosaur foe has its possess quality, sending its most grounded, most resistant mammoth to fight. With each triumph you vanquish a foe, you’ll update your pet and increment their quality, as well as their battling level. The more grounded the pet group, the more superior the tribe is secured.

✯ Cultivation System

You need to prepare warriors to extend assurance for the tribe. In expansion to the dinosaur armed force just collected, the tribal pioneer can also utilize his individuals to form an additional layer of flexible defense. At the most extreme, you’ll utilize 5 solid warriors combined with 5 restrained dinosaurs to battle all foes, not fair fiendish dinosaurs. Rather like pets, warriors can also be overhauled and upgraded through fights. The more grounded, the higher the level of security will be, great for the advancement of the tribe afterward.

A dangerous land, mysterious characters, pets, and mystical tribals await. Will you find a way to survive and grow the unique civilization of your tribe? Download and have fun in this savage world now!

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  • Latest Version: AFK TRIBE v1.0.3.5
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  • Developer: TianMaGames
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  • Requires Android: 4.4+
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