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Developed by Warrior Game, the Afterlife simulator takes you to the underworld where you can govern thousands of wandering souls with their vivid stories, build facilities and shelters for managing the afterlife, and become the most talented Hell Lord. It is also like a business management simulation game combined with construction, management, and resource allocation.

Being closed for a long time, no one believes in the afterlife in the legend, but it’s time to have access to it and return. In arrange for the underworld to thrive, it required a skilled and competent Hell Master. Not get how the Black market works from the past to the display, but moreover have the capacity to distribute assets, well oversee the spirits, devils, flunkies, and all substances working for the Black market. It is you who roll the dice and determine the fate of the afterlife!


In Afterlife Simulator, you are the boss of Hell. The main goal is to control the underworld, create different places to punish banished souls, and lock up wicked ones. A truly dark, impressive, and extremely strong underworld that will be the best ever created by you. Grasp your destiny and bring the afterlife to its heyday.

✴ Divine Retribution

To discipline and control evil spirits, you’ll punish and lock up the souls of people who committed a crime when they were alive. Hades can be thought of as having different “sections” when examined logically. Each room will focus on a specific kind of crime. The severity of punishment with that approach depends on how heavy the person’s criminals are.

So, running the underworld involves creating different “departments” and managing the punishments in each room. Figure out where the bad soul comes from, and through which gates it goes to the right punishment room. Then make sure the flow of people in each room is smooth and they don’t get stuck. Eventually, the soul goes to another place where it either experiences pain or stays in a cell until it is born again in a new life.

✴ Personal Atonement

You need to not only punish but also give a chance for souls to make up for their mistakes by offering them a way to seek forgiveness. For people who can’t accept their mistakes, they will be trapped forever and continuously face punishments. But if there are people who are sorry for their mistakes and promise to make up for them in the afterlife, as the ruler of the underworld, you should offer them an opportunity to turn over a new leaf.

Plan your schedule to support people who regret their wrongdoings, and talk with them to figure out whether they have changed and decide if they can be set free. Make sure they are watched by the demons of hell as they drink the MengPo Soup, cross a bridge, and begin a new chapter in their lives.

✴ Infinite Expansion

When you play Afterlife Simulator, you will see the important areas of the underworld that you may have heard about in stories and legends. The Hall of Yanluo is where you work and where souls are judged. There are also different parts of punishment like Bronze Pillar, Timber Mill, Hunting Field, and other related ones that make the underworld look grand and vivid. Also, you should keep an eye on underworld accounts and plan ahead for each season. And when aiding the sinful souls to be reborn, you will receive a rich repayment to improve and expand your underworld.

A breathtaking world of the afterlife is in front of you right now. Build and manage your own fantasy underworld in Atterlife Simulator!

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