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“Ape” culture is now an unprecedented trend that has emerged from social media platforms. Age of Apes is a strategy game with massive real-time and MMO game elements. It has attractive and funny cartoon graphics that move smoothly and have exciting combat effects.

Have you ever thought about what it would be like if you were a clever monkey entering an age where there are full monkeys? Playing Age of Apes is a way to explore yourself, the weird monkey world, and how much control you have over your character. In Age of Apes, you can choose to be anything you want.


Age of Apes is set in a faraway imaginary future. Humans are no longer in control of this planet after millennia in charge, and now is the time for the monkeys to become the leaders. This game doesn’t explain why or show any evidence of humans. You will be a monkey and go on a journey to live and become a part of the monkey world.

Being a monkey is a lot easier than being a human because monkeys only require bananas. They will compete with each other for land, send rockets into outer space, and then achieve their goal of ruling the entire galaxy, all for one reason to get bananas.


After you finish the tutorial, most of your time will be spent accepting and completing quests. Your screen can become crowded with buttons, buildings, other players, and notifications. These specific tasks can be very useful in understanding and becoming skilled at the game. Once again, your goal is to eventually construct a rocket and travel to space beyond Earth. Age of Apes is great to play whenever you have some free time throughout the day because there is a long way to go.

🐵 Team up With Apes

To exist in this ape world, you have the option to join one of the six strongest monkey families here, which makes you fight alongside them in large-scale battles against other groups of monkeys in PVP mode. Remember to become friends with other monkeys in the group, and these close friendships could be useful in the future.

🍌The More Bananas, the Better!

“Banana” is the crucial element in the combat system in Age of Apes, and it’s also the main goal you are aiming at. When the hostile apes are around you, fight back with enhanced banana brawls! Eat more bananas to grow yourself and barge through ape crowds, with your fearsome takedown moves.

🥊 Survive the PVP Mode

Apes in intense PVP battles have a constantly changing mission, depending on the goal they are assigned. Sometimes, you need to take care of your territory and keep it safe. Other times, they may try to get more bananas and beat other animals to them. Or take things from other monkeys or quickly intrude into the home of the neighboring monkey family to gather all their things and weapons.

🎊Become a Legendary Hero

In Age of Apes, there are many fun and exciting things to do, like playing and being aggressive. Depending on the monkey leader and their beliefs about politics and war, you may join a family of fighting monkeys or a peaceful and loving family. Everyone has the chance to become the leader of the future monkeys. As you keep improving yourself, winning trophies, and leading in battles, experience points will decide your level up in the Clan squad. At the top, you will be picked to be the leader of the group. Now, you are in charge of leading the monkeys, and their future relies on what you decide to do.

Download and see who can earn ultimate banana bragging rights in this crazy ape game!

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  • Latest Version: Age of Apes v0.57.5
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: tap4fun
  • Price: Free
  • Requires Android
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