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Age of Chaos, a new strategy game combined with Tower Defense components, guarantees to bring thrilling and intense action to players all over the world. Age of Chaos has a limitless number of cosmetic options and very intense combat gameplay, players to confront each other in fast-paced matches set in a dystopian daydream world. Whether you’re fighting solo or teaming up with others, Age of Chaos is the best multiplayer strategy game for you.


In the ancient make-believe world, different races of people lived together on the land. The light of the Condoran dragon fire has kept the world safe and peaceful for a very long time. The dragon’s fire stopped any destruction and the formation of evil armies. The Firewatcher ruler will always have the greatest honor to govern the whole army and lead the world.

Unfortunately, the peace didn’t last very long. Lord Abyss has told his soldiers to attack Condoran hard to take control of the empty throne that has been empty for a long time. All different types of beings called races, such as Humans, Orcs, and Phantoms, want to become the ruler.  You need to regain the respect of your people, remove Lord Abyss from power, bring peace to the divided factions in the world, and create a long-lasting tranquility for the land. It all depends on your excellent strategic skills and ability to construct your land.


❖ Strategy Meets Role Like Never Before

In this game, every hero is precious no matter what race it is. To get new heroes to join you, you have to earn specific achievements in battles. When you have a new hero, try to bring them onto the battlefield, and take advantage of their special abilities to evolve. This is the chance to make the unknown hero a central part of the army by improving their combat skills and maximizing their power in battle, thus building up a powerful troop for you.

Strategic battles where troops take turns allow you to see how powerful your armies are, and the outcome is influenced by the choices you make. From small fights with moving monsters to big battles with many units on each side, with the inclusion of a system that tracks morale and other additions, every fight presents a new challenge.

❖ Tower Defense Experience Mixed With Base Building Elements

Age of Chaos is a game where you defend a tower while also building a base, set in a world similar to medieval times. The players need to protect their kingdom from large groups of monsters and enemy armies. Age of Chaos is a different kind of tower defense game, where players can call upon heroes to assist them in fights, and lets players create and improve their kingdom by building land. As you keep playing the game, you can expand your kingdom, train more soldiers, and gradually build a fertile land.

❖ Rule a Fantasy Land of Your Own Design

The fun doesn’t stop there! Age of Chaos allows players to go fight in battles with their style, and they can build defense mechanisms as they want. Your homeland will truly become one-of-a-kind. Both fighting and defending are very engaging and create realistic experiences, which make players feel excited.

❖ Leave Your Mark on a Unique Reactive World

When you get back the dragon’s fire, use it to get rid of the fog, defeat all the evil creatures in the dark abyss, regain control of the kingdom, and become the master of fire dragons in this world. In this process, you will uncover more new mysteries and become the leading role of the Age of Chaos.

See the choices you make influence the world you live in, from the expansion of cities and wandering armies to powerful magical impacts that change the entire world. Lead your kingdom to success – but the journey does not stop with whether you win or lose.

Are you ready for an epic battle that determines the ages to come? Download now and explore the infinite land now.

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  • Latest Version: Age of Chaos v1.2.9
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Archosaur Games 
  • Price: Free
  • Requires: Android 5.0+
  • Size: 1.25GB



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