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Age of Dynasties: Shogun is the idealize combination of real-time battle and turn-based strategy gaming for newcomers and veterans alike. In Age of Dynasties: Shogun, you will take on the role of a Daimyo, a leader of a clan in Japan, based on the darkest, and turbulent periods of the country’s history. Your ultimate goal is to re-unite Japan under your command and become the new Shogun, the ruler of a peaceful nation. To achieve this, you should wisely use your military engagements, assets, and diplomacy skills.


Despite its small territory, Japan has experienced a lot of significant changes throughout its history. Those accomplishments have become a never-ending inspiration for games of the past and games that are currently being made. Age of Dynasties: Shogun, is a mobile game that allows you to play, fight, and experience the exciting history of ancient Japan.

The game Age of Dynasties: Shogun is set in a period when feudal Japan has been slowly getting weaker, and the Emperor doesn’t have much power. During the civil wars in 1192, the shoguns started to become more powerful and influential in different parts of the country. And so, the Shogun era started.  As a skilled Shogun, you eagerly fight using your sword, leading samurai in battles to bring down the old system of Japan and start a new ruling family.


Within the chaotic world, strategies and tactics are all within the political diversion between clans standing up to each other. Here, one movement, one choice, or one off-base approach can lead to long-term results, indeed toppling a forceful tradition.

💂‍♂️Create an Unmatched Army

You wish to construct an armed force of samurai sufficient to battle for a long time through numerous respectful wars, not as it were with the primitive domain slowly coming to a dead conclusion, but moreover battle the control struggles of other Shoguns. To do that, you just have to ceaselessly increment the quality of your armed force.

⚔ Daily Sharpen Your Strength

Relying on your current strength is not sufficient to conquer all obstacles including outside sorrow and interior difficulties. In order to defend yourself from enemy attacks, you need to improve your ninja skills and practice using a sword regularly. This will help you advance to higher levels of expertise. You need to have a strong body and become stronger over time in order to handle many times when people betray you.

🤝Be an Excellent Diplomat

Diplomacy is an imperative portion of being a Shogun. Cleverly you’ll have great partners and a part of haggling focal points on the battlefield, on the opposite, it’ll be able to harm the hard-won fight strategies. In order to do your job well, you also need to put foreign policies into action, including building relationships with other countries, both friendly and unfriendly ones, and understanding who your allies are. It’s important to have clear definitions for all of these.

🗾Defend Your Empire at All Costs

To build a peaceful and promising empire, you need to focus on building a strong military right from the beginning, which includes recruiting skilled samurai and assassins to adapt to the ever-changing situations. As the leader of your kingdom on the inviting and turn-based campaign map, you need to be skilled in fighting techniques and in good physical condition to defend yourself against ninjas, wandering samurais, or secret agents. If you do all of those things well, your clan will become even more successful and powerful, stepping further to become a real shotgun.

Download and come up with your wonderfully ingenious tactics to vanquish enemies to build your shotgun empire.

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