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Age of Frostfall is an epic tower defense strategy game where you Lead your dragon army through an epic erroneous adventure. It is a fantasy action tower defense game with tons of new tower defense elements, levels, heroes, and other items to help you crush the ice monsters to a pulp and defend Frost Land. In Age of Frostfall, command your dragon troops in real-time battles on a vast and vibrant frost map, with a focus on fantasy and strategy-packed with tower defense gameplay.


You control a dragon and defend against ice monsters in real time. The big ice monsters want to take over the world by using a heavy snowstorm. We will make our army stronger to fight against them and also grow dragons from eggs. In simple words, it’s a strategy game similar to Krakin, but with a battle that moves troops in real time to stop enemies at important parts of the story. We should fix up the old castle, find people to join our army, and work with the dragon to get rid of the ice monsters.

Key Features

  • Tower defense battle

Age of Frostfall allows you to defend a tower with moving units that stop the enemy in real-time. Tap the squares to show where you want to go. The main battle of the story takes place in a fort and is a tower defense battle. The fight happens quickly as you choose where to move your soldiers in real time. Spear soldiers can go through shields, shield soldiers can stop arrows, and so on.

  • Real-time combats

In every real-time combat, something very surprising happens. In general, the game is based on the Krakin system, but the battle in the story is like a completely different game called real-time TD. Additionally, there are chat events where citizens can give advice and subordinates can make suggestions, which makes it feel great to have lots of options.

  • Endless exploration and restoration

As the development continues, new features will be added and the story will move forward. The story mostly moves forward by discovering and fixing up the castle and the area around it. The main focus is on the story and adventure, rather than Krakin. As you go on, you will have to face the battle that was mentioned. In some parts of the game, you can rescue and free people by sending out 1-2 units to fight automatically. By fixing the building, many things will start to work again, and you can train soldiers there.

  • Deep raising dragons system

You are expected to raise various kinds of dragons that go fighting in a war along with you, work together, and help each other. It’s about hatching a dragon, taking care of it, and fighting with it. They also melt some ice to free a castle and fix it up. Many story descriptions are better than similar strategies, and the relationships with friends are shown through talking events, like in JRPGs.

  • A grand world with beautiful graphics

The graphics are stunning and gorgeous, and there are lots of great things in the game, like learning about the characters. The pictures in the stories and conversations and the 3D models in battles look really nice. The way height differences are shown in TD battles is great and easy to use. Movies and similar shows are found all over, helping people see the world in a deeper way.

The world’s most devilishly addictive tower defense game is here for you! Download Age of Frostfall and start to fight with epic dragons!

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  • Latest Version: Age of Frostfall v15.2.0
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  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Unlimited Money
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