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Well designed, remastered, and packed with new ways to play, Age of Galaxy is back and better than ever! Age of Galaxy is a sci-fi strategy game set in a versatile galaxy where you command and improve armies to defeat all the enemies and get prizes. With basic graphics of retro style, Galaxy Age is a classic game that brings back memories of childhood. You can control armies and fight without having to be a real person and smash the foes who stand in your way.

Key Features

In Age of Galaxy, you need to create a smart plan to defeat the bad guys. each box has three soldiers, and there are only a certain number of soldiers allowed in each level. You can move them during a fight. Enemies are scary creatures that get stronger: they have more health, can move, and can attack you. Gather diamonds as you go up levels to make weapons better and fight armies.

▪ Classic 8-bit graphics

In this game, your challenge is to find good places to build colonies. You will have access to the latest technology and amazing scientific progress in the world. Here you will lead the soldiers and protect the land from the aliens so we can take over and start a new settlement there. We have a lot of dangerous weapons and strong gear ready for you.

▪Different types of maps

Age of Galaxy has a lot of basic, old-fashioned graphics with many different maps to choose from. Each map will have interesting things like rivers, buildings, deserts, and more. For every map, the enemy will be different. Go and look at the maps and get many diamonds. This is a good choice for reducing stress because you can play it for free and don’t need the internet. Defeat all the enemies in every level by planning your army layout smartly.

▪Different challenging enemies in each level

Your enemies are like scary monsters. At the start of the game, the monster doesn’t move much and it’s not very strong, so you can beat it easily. As you go through the unique levels, it gets much harder. The monsters get powerful, have a lot of energy, and can move around and fight your army. This is another exciting part of the game. Monsters will also try to attack you, not just the other way around. Avoid them and aim carefully.

▪Encounters with AI and real players online

Age of Galaxy offers 2 modes for you to play. In the first mode, you fight against a computer in many different places. In the second mode, you play against real people from all over the world. Here you can use different strategies and plan your moves ahead of time, team up with other players, and talk in a group chat.

▪Control the armies in battle

Players will direct the soldiers to aim and shoot at the target. Click on the army you want to use and move it to where you want it to go. When they see someone they don’t like, they will shoot at themselves. Each box has three soldiers inside. If the enemy attacks your army, they can be destroyed. To protect yourself, you can buy shields and other items from the game store. Organize the armies in a straight line or a Z shape using your smart thinking. Improve soldiers and their weapons to make them stronger. After beating each level, use the diamonds you get to buy better gear.

An explosive chain of lightning is just the beginning of your madness! Download Age of Galaxy now and crush your opponents!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Age of Galaxy v1.0301
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Zero Touch group
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Diamonds
  • Size: 25.0MB



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