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Age of History II is a grand strategy game of war that requires military thinking and challenging oneself. This wargame is simple to learn at first but hard to be proficient in, with the goal to either bring all countries together or take over the world using military strategies and brilliant diplomacy. Whether the world bleeds out or surrenders to you is determined by your sophisticated strategy. If you enjoy strategizing on paper, imagining it in your mind, and then controlling the generals on the map like skilled strategists in movies, Age of History II will offer you a pinnacle of satisfaction.


Age of History II covers all of human history, not just a certain time period or specific events on a calendar. It is split into different time periods and different societies. But, since it is a new strategy game, players will begin in the Age of Civilization and progress to the future, skipping prehistoric times and unexplored lands.

  • Go Solo & Multiplayer

In Age of History II, you have the option to play by yourself against computer-controlled players or join a big online world with other real people. Every fight is difficult because you are not aware of the number of people you will be up against, and the way the map and borders change after every choice you make. There is only one thing you can do: continue to move ahead and explore new areas before the game ends.

  • Retro Style of Bold Color

With bright and eye-catching colors, plus a little retro with distinctive demarcation lines and very clear instructions, you need to be prepared to focus and not let any weaknesses or external factors distract your mind when playing Age of History II. However, I bet the newly remastered maps and intricate military affairs in this game will bring you a truly immersive gaming experience.

  • Detailed Map & Historical Borders

In Age of History, you may see a point-by-point outline of the world crossing numerous authentic wildernesses, through numerous complex chronicles of each period. Each time has distinctive boundaries of domains, nations, and locales. Zoom into each nation, each small land in it, and you’ll be able to see the one-of-a-kind territory of each put appeared through the colors, symbols, and little notes on the outline. The outline is so nitty gritty that it appears the differing qualities of life forms and individuals living on it.

  • Create Your History With In-game Editors

By changing, moving, and adjusting different parts of your land, you can gradually expand and shape it to fit your own needs and desires. In Age of History II, battles happen silently on the map without any actual fights or mess. You can only see the outcome by noticing your territory shrinking or growing.Deeper Diplomatic System

You also have to use rich diplomatic strategies and work well with other groups to expand your civilization. To get advantages without losing much power, you need a deeper and more effective diplomatic system. Diplomacy is the main reason why civilizations continue to progress and improve. You can make peace agreements, agree to stop fighting, and give up land in different ways. By putting together everything: learning, navigating, and diplomatic planning, you will slowly make your own history, create a new historical story, and establish a whole world system on your own.

Dive into the intense and strategy-packed war game! Whether it’s during solo fights or massive battles against multiple enemies, let yourself go in the thrill of the war!

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