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Age of KITA  v0.24.0 MOD APK(God Mod, Ammo, Move Speed, Damage)

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Age of KITA is an adventure-packed strategy game where you embark on a journey to the future of human rights leadership. You will lead humanity in an epic struggle to defeat the terrifying Xenoids, end the evil rule of an alien Archonate, and begin a new chapter for all of humanity.

The Backdrop

When you become a Commander of the Human Alliance, you will lead people in their urgent fight against many dangerous aliens, end the bad rule of the Alien Archonate, and start a new better time for everyone. In Age of KITA, you can see the action from above. Your army will be prepared to fight different types of monsters that are trying to stop your progress right from the start. Every group of soldiers will walk and stop the enemies from moving forward by sliding their fingers on the screen.

As you win battles and protect your base in Age of KITA, you can unlock and collect new characters. These fighters have really good weapons, so all you have to do is try out different things to make some really cool combinations.

Key Features

✦ A quick shooting game with an interesting story

Gather a strong team of friends and use different weapons and abilities to defeat mutants, alien fighters, and other enemies while creating your own great story.

✦ Pick your friends and beat your foes

Hire powerful heroes and learn about their interesting pasts. When you’re trying to take over a planet, use infantry, mechs, and aircraft together to make your forces stronger. Succeed, grow, and win with your team. Take over large cities to grow your Coalition’s control and strength. Do you want peace or destruction? It’s up to you to choose.

✦ A big group coming together

With your team, you can live, succeed, and win. Take over big cities as your group becomes stronger and more influential. You decide: Peace or disaster.

✦ Discover an amazing new planet

Go on an amazing adventure on a strange planet with weird plants and beautiful views. Navigate through the fog, find old alien buildings, and battle unknown dangers. Embark on an amazing journey to a different world with lots of different plants and beautiful views.

✦ Create your army for the future with almost 100 special heroes

Hire strong heroes and find out about their interesting backgrounds. Use their abilities and troops like soldiers, robots, and planes as you conquer planets. Create your own story and gather a group of friends to help you use different weapons and skills to beat mutants, alien fighters, and other foes.

✦ Prepare for your future with smart and effective planning for battles

Make up your own plans and write your own futuristic story. Fight in battles right away and get quick feedback, so you can change the war with just one tap.

✦ Carefully-crafted graphics

Age of KITA, like traditional strategy games, has a unique art style, and due to the high quality of graphics, maps, and symbols, Age of KITA attracts many strategy fans compared to traditional strategy games. KITA version 0.24.0 has been removed. An updated virtual machine with important updates.

✦ Unique mod

Traditional strategy games need players to spend a lot of time building up their stuff in the game, which brings players a lot of fun, but it can also make people feel tired. Mods have changed this. Here, you don’t have to use up all your energy and keep doing the same boring “accumulation”. Mods can make it easier for you to skip this part, so you can focus on having fun playing the game.

Download Age of KITA now! A new era of iconic franchises with new fighting systems, unique characters, and fatalities awaits!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Age of KITA v0.24.0
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: FARLIGHT
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: God Mod, Ammo, Move Speed, Damage
  • Size: 863.0MB



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