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Age Of Magic is a fantasy role-playing game where you will embark on an ever-changing ultimate magic journey. Featuring unforgettable stories, exciting turn-based combat, charming characters, a chaotic PVP arena and massive captivating environments to explore, a vast magic world are here for you to explore with friends.

The Background

The darkness is slowly creeping in, and legions of demons are destroying everything that was once good and preventing you from advancing. In the darkest hour of this existential crisis, a prophecy has arisen: a True Mage will emerge and decide the fate of the world. Age Of Magic’s backstory centers around the main character, Roland, a True Mage from the Age of Magic, who is tasked with finding his way to the Tower of Darkness. As such, Roland, played by you, will continue to overcome challenges, find races that coexist in this world, and defeat many enemies of varying strengths. Eventually, you’ll reach the Dark Tower to reclaim the peace that belonged to the End Times and bring life back to the land.

At the beginning of the game, Roland’s skills are not yet mature, and gradually he will have a set of skills for both offense and defense. Attack enemies with magic and create magic walls to shield your teammates from enemy attacks. Later in the game, you will also acquire other characters in different ways. You’ll also unlock great exclusive rewards after completing levels of a certain difficulty level

Key Features

✨ Fabulous 3D graphics

When you start playing this game, you will be impressed with everything that happens in AG. Set in a stunning 3D world, you’ll find the game’s world beautifully and grandly designed, and you’ll be addicted to its smooth and refined graphics and fully immersive action after your first experience.

🎮 Simple rules

Age Of Magic has no operational pressure on even novice players. The gameplay that players experience in Age of Magic is very easy to pick up because it doesn’t require much control skill. Specifically, matches in the game use turn-based tactical mechanics, where players will decide on their offense and let the enemy attack. Your goal is to complete all rounds and annihilate all enemies. At the same time, each character has a number of skills at their disposal. Understanding turn-based combat coupled with good skillful strategy is the secret to your success.

🕹 Simple operating system

Character’s skills are located on the right side of the screen, usually standard attacks and special skills. Attack skills are usually used consecutively in each match, while special skills often need to wait for a cooldown before they can continue to operate. As a result, players can choose different tactics to take down enemies and protect other characters in the squad, as you will go through many rounds during a match. While fighting, don’t forget to keep an eye on your blood bar and energy level in order to deliver a fatal blow to your enemies at the off moment!

🧙‍♂️ A wide variety of fascinating characters

In Age Of Magic, you can acquire characters in a variety of ways:

  1. After completing special levels and challenges, you will come across many characters that you can recruit into your team.
  2. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of coins, you can use them to buy new characters in the market.
  3. You can also open chests to collect character fragments, and when the fragments reach a certain number, you can summon that character.

Will you reach the Dark Tower in the end or give up halfway? Download Age Of Magic to prove yourself now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Age Of Magic v2.14.3
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Developer: Playkot LTD
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: Menu/Damage/Immortal
  • Size: 166.0MB



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