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Join the hardcore strategy game, Age of War 2, set in a chaotic world that requires resource and army management, and cooperate with other players to expand your kingdom from one small village to your grand kingdom as you conquer the map in each winner-takes-all war. Not as colorful as a cartoon movie and without too many complex elements, the main goal of Age of War 2 is for the player to combine weapon upgrades with great tactics to win every battle to build his kingdom. Get ready to join this war with other generals!


Age of War is a massively multiplayer, hardcore strategy game where the winners take all, and every corner may be a potential enemy for you. Gather your tribes and other players, work as leaders and leaders in your territories, and create strategic battle plans by organizing your forces into groups to destroy your enemies and conquer tons of tribes all over the world.

💡 Your strategy matters

Only wise decisions, long-term planning, and watching your kingdom can succeed. Take the glory for yourself! The only thing you can take with you to the other world is the knowledge you learn from previous battles.

🧙‍♂️ 10 races + 10 generals

In Era of War 2, there exist 10 tribes led by ten great generals, each with his own army. Inexhaustible weapons and equipment such as dinosaurs, robots, monsters, missiles, and more. In the game, you will be chosen as a general and will be invincible by using your available weapons and additional equipment to build a powerful army with your own strategy! Grasp the advantages and disadvantages of each race and the skills of each general, how to arrange the various resources is the key to your victory.

🚩 Upgrade troops and weapons

The game has a sophisticated upgrade system that allows you to upgrade your troops with various equipment and resources. Don’t forget that you can upgrade your weapons even in the middle of a battle to increase your combat power:

  1. Defeat other armies or complete daily quests and you will get rewards to use for upgrades.
  2. You will also be surprised by various events or daily gifts.
  3. Every time you win, you will receive many attractive rewards, which you can use to buy more equipment and weapons for your army in the game store.

🌏 Strategize to conquer new lands

A powerful army does not only need a large army or advanced equipment but also a great battle strategy. Your opponent’s tanks, cannons, and robots are not enough to intimidate you; what you must really care about are the intentions and tactics behind the enemy. You can turn the situation around with your wits, and a clever strategy will help you win, and that’s the beauty of this game. Take advantage of the various resources, organize your team, develop your own strategy, and take over the land of the losing team to be invincible in every battle!

Key Features

  • Become the General of the Horde – Use unique equipment and weapons to engage the remaining 9 generals of the land in a battle of brains.
  • Full upgrade system – Purchase more equipment or weapons to strengthen your army and upgrade your weapons even in battle.
  • Strategy-driven – Developing your own strategy is the key to an army that will always be invincible. Combine weapons, formations, and terrain to create a smart strategy.
  • Co-op mode for you – You can have fun together with friends online.
  • Simple and cute graphics – Cute graphics and cartoon sound effects, no violence factor, suitable for everyone.

Will you conquer or be conquered? Download to claim the glory for yourself now!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Age of War 2 v1.7.1
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Max Games Studios
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.4
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Money
  • Size: 166.0MB



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