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Immerse yourself in the Age of Wushu Dynasty, a fantasy RPG experience bringing you beautifully rendered 3D art against the background of ancient Chinese martial arts culture. You’ll embark on a journey through a vivid and chaotic world from bustling environments to tranquil landscapes – your home of dreams, and you can be any martial arts role you have ever imagined in this wild world. Take control of your destiny and become a legendary Wushu master!


The game is set in the Martial Arts Kingdom, where there are countless ornate palaces. A new school year has begun at the Martial Arts School of the Martial Arts Dynasty era. Many apprentices with dreams of becoming martial artists have gathered here to apply for further training at this prestigious school. You will play as one of these mediocre apprentices, but you are a man of great skill and martial arts learning, constantly refining your lessons, learning new martial arts, and succeeding through the game’s many great challenges. These challenges include specific tournaments that you will compete in with your friends or random challenges that the game arranges for you. Until you realize your dream of becoming a martial arts master.

Game Flow

Join the Martial Arts School

In the beginning, your goal is to join a martial arts school to start your path of learning. Here, you will be exposed to the martial arts environment early on, and Li Jing exercises to refine your personality as well as mature your character. Practice diligently and fight other fearsome foes in sparring matches. At this stage, your martial arts training is in the preliminary period of laying a foundation. With your current abilities, you should strengthen your physical fitness and continuously polish your skills.

Learn from the Masters

When you are wandering in the world, you always need the help of noble people. In  Age of Wushu Dynasty, you need to learn valuable experiences and lessons from the masters. With the guidance and experience of your seniors, you can stand out in the battle. The most interesting point is that through rounds of competition and selection, you will know your shortcomings and learn from your experiences and lessons. Only in this way, you will be able to make up for your shortcomings and constantly improve yourself.

Access to various martial arts and weapons

Explore various martial arts and weapons in Age of Wushu Dynasty. Wander the land and learn martial arts and weapons. Increase the energy in your meridians and master the external and internal aspects while you are at it. and master the external and internal aspects while practicing martial arts.

Train your juniors for battle

After absorbing all kinds of knowledge, you should share it with the newer students in the school. Together you can practice light kung fu, jump, dive, climb …… swim in miniature worlds, and find secret treasures! Don’t underestimate the strength of your juniors, there are many things you can learn from them that will help you in the future. Passing on such an experience will earn you extra points from the teachers of our school and become a hero in every way.

Fighting with masters

Unarmed combat with friends and masters will become an advantage for you and will have a positive impact on your relationships, attributes, and reputation. Add points to your score by making the most decisive moves against the masters. Teachers will critique your moves, and you will receive the most sincere compliments, or possibly criticisms that will put you down to the ground. Grab the weapons you specialize in and duel with your peers or foes, show them your true heroic nature, how do you know how it will end if you don’t fight?

Become a true martial arts master

This martial arts school will provide you with invaluable lessons that will lay the foundation for you to become a hero of your time. Gradually,  Age of Wushu Dynasty grants you more noble titles, which are rewarded by your step-by-step hard practice. You can easily switch between the traditional strategic turn-based battle mode or the real-time battle mode that requires real-time action. Seize the opportunity to fight and interact with the world around you.

Download Age of Wushu Dynasty to pursue unmatched martial prowess now!

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