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Agent BUG is a cute and simple role-playing game focusing on casual gameplay, where you can encounter intricate missions and funny events within the vast world of creepy crawlies and creatures that make you deeply impressed and come back for more. In Agent BUG, you’ll be able to DIY your own BUG Avatar and end up an Operator to create the foremost capable troop and encounter the fun of triumph.


In Agent BUG, you are a new and inexperienced agent who recently joined the team and still has some training left to complete. But unexpectedly, destiny somehow made him into an essential element. You must do very difficult tasks and face a lot of strong bosses.

The chance of dying is very high. But luckily, you are a clumsy agent who is determined to fight and work hard to improve every day. This mindset is what truly helps you improve more and more. After that, you have a chance to become a true agent.


You simply need to continuously click on the screen to start fighting with your insect warriors. So, the developer team of Agent BUG kept making new levels and settings: Each place will have unique scenarios to explore, with different colors and enemies. Most of the time, when you play Agent BUG, you are experiencing new adventures.

  1. Loot Drops

You have to gather all the stuff they can find on the battlefield to improve their weapons and army. When it is time to start, get your army ready for battle and lead them to the battlefield to launch a planned attack on your enemies.

When you’re facing fierce monsters, unique gears are wanted. You will help your teammates and take resources from the opposing enemy. There are also regular airdrops with supplies nearby. Players can simply click on the airdrops to receive weapons, equipment, ammunition, clothes, and more. Level them up and experiment till you figure out the correct combination of gear that suits your excellent playstyle. Also, you can fashion your weaponry for a fearsome or cute look to compliment your custom-designed loadout.

  1. Fight Boss

After you have gathered all the necessary tools and are prepared for combat, you will encounter powerful animals and insects from around the world. Each battle is fought by taking turns to make moves. Every player gets hurt, and the one who dies first is the loser.

It is important to be able to smoothly use weapons together in a smart way because the operation is simple. You can defeat the enemy easily before it takes away all your health.

  1. Dig Treasure

The more you explore Agent BUG, the more prizes you can get. So, send your soldiers on a journey to take over enemy land, and keep all the valuable things they find in battle for yourself. Here you can walk through the land and enjoy nature, meet different creatures and, of course, dig treasures – gold! You can even obtain 88888 coins at one time, which will help you dominate the high-paced and skill-based combat.

  1. Real-time PVP & Turn-based Moves

You will have a lot of fun playing PVP against other people who have similar skills and are fond of making strategies like you. The combats are done in turn-based moves. So, whenever you or your opponent takes a turn, you need to plan and think about future steps in order to win the game, Otherwise, you will have a bad reputation and miss out on great rewards after the war.

Download Agent BUG on your phone and launch a tactical strike against your enemies! I bet your enemies will regret opposing you.

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  • Latest Version: Agent BUG v1.0.3899
  • Category:¬†Role-playing
  • Developer: Hong Kong Longsin Co., Ltd.
  • Price: Free
  • Requires: Android 4.4+
  • Size: 945.0MB



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