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Agent of Adventure v3.0.6 MOD APK(Unlimited Gold, Prayer)

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Explore, adapt, and survive in Agent of Adventure, a free-to-play request RPG with dark fantasy elements for mobile developed by ownSoftJP. Get ready to experience the extremely dark, deep, and fantastic world full of adventures from the point of view of a business person who wants to expand the city by paying people to explore and fight in dungeons around to save your city from the jaws of economic ruin.

It is a huge world where there are open fields packed with different characters and huge dungeons are connected with complex and carefully-crafted designs.

Game Flow

Agent of Adventure is a game set in medieval times. You go on adventures with other people and use the things you find to make the village better. Along the way, a lot of travelers will perish and what they leave will be passed on to the next generation.

With exciting surprises for you to enjoy, Agent of Adventure offers battles and challenging enemies randomly. The things found in adventures and the skills of adventurers who meet at the tavern are chosen by chance, and weapons and armor that work the same might have different effects.

  • A tutorial

You will start Agent of Adventure with a brief and informative tutorial on its background and how to operate it. You have the choice to skip it, but if you’re new to search request RPGs, you should stay preoccupied with it. After finishing it, you will be taken to your first adventure in Agent of Adventure.

  • Create your own character

In addition to customizing your character’s name and description, you can simply match the weapons, armor, and magic you carry. In Agent of Adventure, you can grow your character according to your play style at any time. You can also change the adventurer’s team name and traits for free. And you can have fun by creating your favorite character for role-playing.


  • Build your foundation

Then, you are expected to build a tavern as your base where people can eat and drink. You can use the money and items in the dungeon to make your city bigger and better. Later in the game, you can gradually create different functional buildings in the city like stores for weapons, armor, and items, hospitals, and churches…

  • Hire adventurers at the tavern

You don’t have to explore the dungeons on your own, they hire adventurers to do it. Gather four explorers at the bar and send them to nearby lands and caves to find rewards from their travels. However, explorers can die in dungeons, and they can’t be trained however you want to improve their skills like attacking, defending, helping others, and more, and finally you can build your ultimate squad.

  • Expand your city

When the town gets bigger, we can build new places for people to use. At the knight training school, you can learn how to do different knight jobs and make adventurers stronger fighters. You can also make places like nature schools, research centers, and map factories that help people learn new things and make useful items for adventures.

  • Do whatever you want

You can travel around the city, complete kinds of quests, and craft the equipment you need by collecting and hunting. Also, experience the luck of rare and valuable prizes through surprise chests! If you don’t know what to do sometimes, you can just relax and enjoy the game by following the storyline instructions.

As you explore the game, the joy of discovering an unknown and dangerous threat awaits you, which brings great satisfaction. Are you ready to embrace this vast world full of excitement now?

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Agent of Adventure v3.0.6
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Developer: TownSoftJP
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Gold, Prayer)
  • Size: 130.0MB



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