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“I’ve wasted an eternity standing still. It’s time to move forward.

Whatever new experiences await me today, I’ll meet them head-on…”

Ahri RPG flawlessly reinterprets the iconic classes and the heroine, Ahri from League of Legends. Whether their gorgeous skills or the uninhibited raw power of minions and beasts, each character’s traits have been remade and heightened. A boundless world is waiting to be conquered by you along with Ahri in this game which is regarded as one of the most rewarding role-playing adventures. If you are a loyal player of League of Legends, missing out on Ahri RPG derived from it will be your loss.


In Ahri RPG, you will have to meet a talented heroine whose name is Ahri and transform into her, and then together explore the extraordinary faraway lands full of monstrous creatures. The underlying power of the Rune Lands had an innate resonance with her. Primal magic condenses into magical pearls in her hands. The Vastaya is obsessed with playing with the emotions of her prey and then devouring their life essence. Though a predator by nature, Ahri always maintains a sense of compassion for her prey, for each devoured soul is accompanied by memories of their life.


Game Features

This game is a classic RPG where the main character has to travel a long way to a mysterious place called the Nexus. Players will help the main character in passing many challenges. On her journey, the main character will come across evil sorcerers, bandits, monsters, and other enemies.

🩸 Bleed for reaching greatness

When you first enter this strange universe, your main duty is to accompany the heroine. You will encounter countless difficulties and obstacles, and even though you will fall please do not give up! Victory belongs to Ahri and you.

💡 Complete unique levels

If you like playing role-playing games and enjoy long, epic battles, then you should check this out. You can try different challenges that start from easy and get harder. We don’t have a time limit to win the game. Therefore, you may start to feel stronger emotions over time.

👾 Frightening creatures coming for you

When going to other countries, players will have to deal with new challenges along with the experience. You will encounter unique monsters and they may try to attack you. They really want to drink blood, so they will do anything to control you whether you can escape or not. It all depends on you.

👹Tons of traitor soldiers

In addition, besides fighting monsters, Ahri RPG also gives you more fun challenges. Specifically, the way soldiers look. They turn against the main character and plan big attacks that make it impossible to escape from the battle. This makes you depend on help from lots of different abilities.


⚒ A wide range of items

To win against hordes of evil enemies during your adventure, you need to use your fighting abilities by tapping the buttons at the bottom of the screen. You also need to create the qualities of the main female character and choose strong weapons for her. You can unlock items in the store, which can help you upgrade abilities r at and gain more experience.

🎇 Stunning & cute graphics

you’ll have a great chance to find adorable characters like Ahri and appreciate the amazing graphics, and the pictures or the player’s movements are described in great detail. It shows exciting things and helps you relax. I’m sure you can regard this game as an action movie but with a lot of emotional moments.

Hey summoner, can you hear Ahri is calling out your name? Download this game to have endless fun with her!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Ahri RPG v2.2
  • Category: Role Playing
  • Developer: DOOMSDAY Studio
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: God Mode
  • Size: 37.0MB



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