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Aircraft Evolution is an action game about destroying enemy bases by bombing them using your aircraft. Featuring exciting explosions, buildings that can be destroyed with realistic physics, and detailed objects, Aircraft Evolution combines traditional gameplay with a modern appearance. Also Aircraft Evolution is a game where players can engage in air combat throughout different historical times., which is quite interesting, even though it is only displayed in a 2D format. If you haven’t seen many important historical battlefields, playing Aircraft Evolution is a good way to  look back on a bygone war era.


Battle in 4 different time periods, starting from World War I all the way to battles of the future. Every time a specific time period occurs, there will be different situations and enemies with unique qualities on the battlefield. You need to know about new cars and weapons, pick the right upgrades, and have a good plan to beat the level.

➊World War I

The first war campaign was World War I. During this period, the military started using new flying machines. These machines had simple shapes, basic weapons, and were not able to shoot things from a long distance. Most of the planes you see will be made of wood, they fly at an average speed and can only carry a limited amount of bullets. There weren’t too many enemies on the other side of the front line because technology wasn’t advanced during this time.

➋ World War II: the ultimate dogfight

During World War II, airplanes and other flying machines used by the military became stronger, more capable, and could do more stunning things. There are many ways to make an aircraft better and make weapons stronger for fighting. You will also have many chances to try out flying vehicles and their weapons.
Enemies have weapons as advanced as ours, which come in different types and numbers, always making clever arrangements to trap you in the air. Many hard situations keep happening in this second campaign. This is the time when you need to be very cautious and attentive.

➌ Modern War

The world has started a new chapter, and air warfare has changed a lot. The fighting in the sky is happening everywhere now, from the really cold Arctic to the really hot deserts and rainforests. In every location, players will have various options to attack and engage in combat with groups of enemy planes that are skilled marksmen. To survive this challenging period, you need to pay close attention and stay concentrated as you navigate through various levels in a modern warfare setting.

➍ Space War in the Future

In the future, the battlefield is not just on Earth anymore. People are always searching for a new place to live in case something bad happens in the future. It looks like they have found one. But if you want to live in a new land, you will have to endure the difficulty of fighting against many other groups who are also trying to take over this place.  To navigate space, you will need to use a spacecraft and skillfully control it. Use advanced weapons to fight against aliens, robots, and other powerful spacecraft from different planets.


Combat missions include a range of activities like fighting against terrorism, exploring secret territories, searching for valuable items, demolishing leftovers, and many other challenges. . Each mission requires your own set of strategies and approaches.

Before going into battles, you have the option to purchase bombs that become progressively more dangerous. Destroy the enemy using regular bombs, a large number of bombs that explode into smaller bombs, or burn enemies completely with napalm.

Download and immerse yourself in thrilling naval battles and assemble an armada of over hundred of aircrafts from the four different time periods, and conquer the sky!

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  • Latest Version: Aircraft Evolution v4.0.6
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