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Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2023 is the ultimate simulation of an airline tycoon and management game. In it, you can act as the manager of your own airport. In the game, you learn how to manage and operate to help make your airline famous, from runways, taxiways, gates, and aprons to developing terminals with boarding desks, security systems, restaurants, and stores. You will fully appreciate the tons of fun that comes with being in charge and owning a huge fortune!

Become a Talent Manager

You must have played a lot of simulation games and experienced different kinds of jobs, but maybe this game will bring you a totally interesting experience. Jobs like managing an entire aviation system that requires meticulousness and a high degree of precision may be new to you. But don’t worry, as you enter the game, we will guide you step by step from the basics to the complex. After mastering the simple skills, you can teach yourself more skills and gain more experience for the job.

Game Flow

  • The game starts with you first creating a fleet of your own airplanes. You can choose from 130 realistic airplane models from the game’s hangar to make up your fleet.
  • Visit the store and choose from 2600 hub airports and individual flights on different routes.
  • Continue to refine and manage your crew by trading with major airlines and other players in the market.
  • Monitor the background processes on your radar to know the movements and flights of all your airplanes.
  • Start your business, such as flying airplanes to transport passengers. Develop a smart strategy for profitability. And make sure you break even by keeping an eye on your budget and resources.

Key Features

Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2023 is a great game you don’t want to miss, with exquisite graphics and perfect simulation management that allows you not only to admire countless real and huge airplanes but also to learn more useful knowledge about managing big airlines and becoming a billionaire. A new tycoon experience and more interesting elements are waiting for you to discover them all.

🛫 Multiple types of airlines

There is nothing more fun than enjoying and watching hundreds of different types of airplanes from the comfort of your couch. The game features a collection of over 130 modern civilian aircraft and a beautiful fleet of fighters, so you can choose any airplane you like and include it in your bag. The realistic 3D models let you pick your way through these airplanes that you may not have the chance to see in person in reality.

🚁Management system for details

Your goal is to build and manage your airport to perfection by making strategic decisions, designing the best airport layout, and ultimately ensuring that your passengers and airlines are satisfied. You will be required to build an entire airport from scratch. Everything at Airport CEO is modeled in depth and it is your job to make sure everything runs smoothly and you have a healthy bank account.

🎉 A perfect system for preparing funds

You will need to have enough money to unlock a range of cool airplanes, so you will have to invest a lot of money in your business. Don’t worry if there is a financial deficit, you can also take a bank loan to keep your company thriving. The needs of your customers are also a great source of funding for you. When everything is as you want it to be, you will have a pot full of money.

✨ Beautiful graphics

The sound and visuals of the game are breathtaking. Every detail of the airplane models is designed to be very realistic and the game also simulates all the hyper-realistic planes of famous airlines around the world to give you the best experience. Such as the surrounding landscape, the runway or the sky, and the changing weather, all very beautifully and harmoniously colored.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Airlines Manager – Tycoon 2023 v3.08.0403
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Playrion
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 4.0
  • MOD: Menu: Missions Always Complete
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