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Airplane Pilot Car Transporter is a classic transport simulation genre where you can experience a brand-new world by navigating unique transport routes with different airplanes and vehicles to fulfill various challenging transport missions. You need to learn how to use special tools and equipment for the trip and deal with unforeseen situations along the way.

The Backdrop

Create the transportation system the world needs and make a lot of money by offering personalized transportation services. Build roads, bridges, and other transportation services for the world and earn a lot of money by offering personalized transportation options… Watch your trains go on tracks, your buses and trucks move on streets, your ships sail through the water, and your planes fly in the sky. Transport people to work or fun, and help cities to grow and flourish!

Game Flow

The Airplane Pilot Car Transporter will bring you to an adventure of driving and flying while enjoying the experience of being in the air. You can help plan routes, choose what to send, and get details about where things are going. All players need to manage, move, and land planes at big airports. Several unexpected problems might get in the way of your journey, but you can deal with them and keep moving forward.

Navigate the world

A vast world in the game is ready for you to build trains, cars, airplanes, and boats. Easy-to-use rail construction tools and a flexible station construction system make it simple to build and grow your transportation network. With many ways to set up the game, each playthrough offers a new challenge and success can come from different strategies.

Fly like a pro

The plane’s emergency landing mode will cause problems for you at first and stop the transportation. Thus, you have to handle the current problem and you can try transporting new cars as part of their job.

The Airplane Pilot Car Transporter teaches you how to use the airplane. We will make sure to give you all the equipment you need for your flight, as well as any updated information about speed, cargo space, or route changes. You have lots of options for your trip, and you will be rewarded for completing all the things you need to do. The system has the right practice activities for you to gain enough experience for this flight.

Finish the task and land safely

Every day, you will get missions to transport things. They must reach their goals by finishing them fast. The travel plans will have details about where, how, and when we will go. You might face some issues, but don’t worry. Just follow the steps to get in touch and land safely, and you will deliver packages with everyday things like bikes, cars, and many other items.

Write transport history

Get ready to complete different tasks in the game. Only the best players will be able to finish all the missions. The story is enhanced with voiceovers and cutscenes, making the game exciting to play. Even the free-play mode has achievements to unlock for an added challenge.

Enjoy realistic and beautiful 3d airplane simulation

The Airplane Pilot Car Transporter game will look and feel real as you move vehicles onto the plane. By using special 3D graphics technology, we can recreate all the details in a cockpit accurately. We will explain in detail how the levers, buttons, and what they do. You need to learn how to land smoothly by controlling and following the correct steps.

Game Features

  • Play for free with many different ways to set up and play.
  • Map makers and game editors.
  • Hundreds of vehicles like buses, trains, trucks, planes, and boats.
  • Stations that can be easily moved. Bus and truck stations, places where planes take off and land, and places where boats come and go.
  • Simulating transportation in a realistic way, including streets where traffic only goes one way and traffic lights.
  • Terrain that you can change and paint with cool effects.
  • An interactive game that simulates a bustling city and its economy.

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Airplane Pilot Car Transporter v5.7
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Vital Games Production
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Money
  • Size: 71.0MB



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