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Airport BillionAir is a cartoon-style airport game that features tons of advanced planes, an airport renovation system, and stunning graphics. Create and run your airport: You will help fix the airport and make it better for travelers while running the shops to make money to upgrade the airport.

Will your airport be an International Hub or a regional masterpiece? It’s all up to you! Have fun doing management by yourself or with friends, and you’ll have a really great time that you’ll always remember!

You Manage Everything

  • Make all decisions

You make all the decisions, from how high the airplane flies to the minimal ground-level details. Airport BillionAir teaches players about how to manage a business, specifically an airport. You need to finish tasks for your company in order to earn money for upgrading the airport. Players need to make good decisions for their business and choose the best things to help their business run smoothly. The game helps you understand how to deal with and manage people.

  • Manage every shop

In Airport BillionAir, you will take on the role of the CEO of your airport. You’ll build the airport’s infrastructure, with everything from runways and taxiways, gates, and barriers to building terminals, check-in, security, restaurants, and shops. You will manage the airport’s business environment by hiring staff and managers, managing aircraft, and overseeing budgets and resources to achieve end goals.


Game Flow

📃Complicated airports need very clever plans

Travelators, tall buildings, more terminals, one-direction taxi lanes, staggered flight schedules, and careful gate assignments are just some of the ideas you will use to become an expert in running big airports. It’s not just about tapping; think carefully and plan ahead to increase your money and improve your airport.

🚁 Complete the missions to make more money

Sell snacks and drinks like chips and sodas at the airport using vending machines to make more money at BillionAir. You can open a coffee and sandwich shop when you have enough money. And then you will need to locate the people who work at the company and offer them a job.

🏗 Upgrade your airport

You need to move up in levels to unlock new airplanes. When you go up a level, you will get money, a star rating, and things to help you. You need to update the main office or rooms and fix the duty-free shop. Mostly, you can open suitcases to get important things.


Key Features

  • Designed for airport simulator lovers – Airport BillionAir is a game for people who enjoy running airports. If you enjoy running a business and can manage a team of workers, then this may be the job for you. If you love fixing planes, it can let you be creative and have fun working with aircraft.
  • The fun of in-game activities – We will be holding special events for a short time where we will make fun and unusual airports in cool places.
  • Full automation – Use new staff to make your airport more efficient and make more money. Gather and train different airport workers like pilots, service staff, and flight crew to improve your airport. While you’re gone, your team will run the airport and earn money from people traveling all the time.
  • Deep upgrade system – You can make your airport bigger by adding new things like vending machines, coffee shops, or souvenir shops. Gradually you can build a group of airplanes from many different types, like small bi-planes to big jumbo jets!

Download Airport BillionAir and leverage it on your path to eventually mastering the art of large-scale airport management!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Airport BillionAir v1.14.7
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Rogue Harbour Game Studio Inc.
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android
  • MOD: Menu: Free Shopping
  • Size: 157.0MB



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