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Airport City v8.32.95 MOD APK(Unlimited Money, Coins)

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Build your own airport in Airport City! Experience the excitement of running your own airline in a game. Create the perfect environment and plans for both the airline manager and the passengers. Plan when planes will fly, make airport buildings and runways, and grow a big airport business in Airport City.

Game Flow

In Airport City, you will work like a very rich and powerful person who controls everything in the world. The main job is to develop and improve the town, give it a unique look, and make money to keep the airport running or carry out future projects. Not only that, but you can also control your plane and go to the places you’ve dreamed of.

◈ Construct your airport

Build everything like runways, towers, roads, parks, airport buildings, and more. Purchase more land to make your airport bigger and able to handle planes, passengers, and cargo from all around the world. But you can go further down. You can plan where everything goes in your airport, including the smallest details in the terminals to make it easier for passengers to move around.

◈ Make a good plan

The plan you make is important because it decides how your airport will look and operate. Do you want long or short ramps? Regular or special flights? Do you want passengers traveling within the country or connecting to other flights? A single plane or a whole airline?

◈ Manage every detail

Good management skill is the key to being a successful airport. Run the whole airport to make sure customers and passengers are happy and pleased so the economy can grow. Ensure every man and woman has a bus or car to go to the terminal. Check if there is enough fuel and safely transport their luggage.

◈ Earn more

When you have enough money, you can change the empty land into different places. For instance, you are starting more hotels, restaurants, and fancy services. You can invite your friends to come in and get the attention of investors. Let them support you in opening more branches, and making more money, and players can also become tycoons of different airport locations. Come and try the great services provided by the Airport City transport manager!

◈ Develop more airports

When you play the Airport City transport manager game, you can test your flying skills and be in charge of the aviation army without paying anything. After that, you can make more airports and create your own collection of private jets. If you are new to building cities, you can pick how hard you want it to be and start with a bunch of money in the mod version, or you can make it really tough and build your empire from nothing.

◈ Interact with friends

You can make friends and chat with people who have similar interests in this game. There are many different players, and some do it because they really like flying planes or enjoy flying their own private jet to explore new places. You can also join the game if you want, and you will form a strong partnership and raise funds for future projects.

Game Features

  • Exercise your management skills – you will be in charge of an international transportation hub with a variety of interesting buildings and travel destinations. Become the CEO of the airport and acquire your own airplane. Constantly develop the airport.
  • Deep city simulation system – Construct a city, improve it to become a special bustling city, and meet the airport’s requirements while earning money.
  • Multiplayer online interaction – interact with other people interested in aviation games, make multiple friends, or enter into strategic partnerships.
  • Various Activities – Participate in various in-game activities to unlock more benefits.
  • Surprises galore – Fly your plane to your favorite locations, travel the world, and bring back unique souvenirs.

Download Airport City now! You will be in charge of this simulation game and the world is your sandbox!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Airport City v8.32.95
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Game Insight
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Money, Coins
  • Size: 153.0MB



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