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Construct your own world-famous airport in Airport Inc Idle Tycoon, a simulation game with sky-high levels of fun! It is a detailed and carefully crafted simulator about airport management and general aviation, including aircraft, procedures, traffic, resources, upgrades, and sounds, where you can enjoy the best flight management experience! Become the new Airport Manager, grow and thrive your airport.

Players will control and explore a vast airport with lots of cool places to visit, where there are different missions and specific information that you will find very interesting. At the same time, keeping an eye on the numbers helps you figure out which ones to improve to work faster and earn more money.

About Management

※ A grand airport

In Airport Inc. In the Idle Tycoon Game, you will begin running an airport and managing different areas with specific jobs. You will learn how these functions work together smoothly. All the planes need to be filled with fuel and have enough passengers before they can fly, which will help you make a lot of money and improve your airport.

※ Every detail

Take care of everything that happens at the Regional Airport every day, like working with airlines, helping planes on the ground, taking care of the passenger terminal, and organizing flight schedules. Purchase fuel from refineries through contracts and sell it to airplane companies using fuel trucks and a centralized pipeline. Employ people to work at the airport and give them their wages… Just remember that details determine your success or failure.

About site operation

※ Happy pax, happy airline

In Airport Inc. Idle Tycoon, passengers have to wait in lines, check in, go through security, and then find something to do while they wait for their flight to start boarding. Just like in the real world. Making sure flights leave on time is just one part of the challenge. Passengers will go to the first ticket counter inside Airport Inc. After the process is finished, the luggage of the passengers will be moved to a place to be organized. If operations run smoothly and passengers enjoy their flights, you can be sure the airline will be happy too, which can increase your income without any problems, so you can get more profit!


※ Sorting

All sorting takes place inside a building, and once sorting is complete, you will see a delivery vehicle heading to the appropriate area, and then a truck full of fuel will approach your aircraft. This fuel-laden truck refuels the plane, and at the same time, you’ll be able to see the plane’s stats, including the number of people it can carry and its current energy. Finally, you will continue to complete this mission by flying, thus increasing the resources you get!

About Upgrade

In Airport Inc. In the game Idle Tycoon, there are tasks to do and stats to keep track of, which can be how well something is done, how much money is made, how fast something is, how much is being shipped, and many other measurements. You can use the money you make from flights to upgrade them. When you upgrade, you have to think about a lot of information about the places you can go to.

※ Expand you terminal

As your airport gets bigger, your terminal will also need to get bigger. Make sure it has all the facilities that passengers want. In Airport Inc Idle Tycoon, you can customize the terminal by choosing its shape and designing the inside with different floors, walls, windows, and doors. Also, it’s your job to prevent delays and create the best airport terminal.

Feel like you have to plan every flight? Set up a department to use computers to do it for you. Tired of figuring out how much money you have left each month? Hire someone to help you save money and decide how much to charge. In Airport Inc Idle Tycoon, everything is up to you! Good luck!

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  • Latest Version: Airport Inc Idle Tycoon v1.5.7
  • Category: Simulation
  • Developer: Jet Toast
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  • Android Version: Android 5.0
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