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Airport Scanner 2 is a casual game that puts you on the front line of the fight against illegal contraband and carry-on items at airports around the world. As a police officer, you are responsible for ensuring security and preventing the seizure of illegal items and belongings across borders. So in Airport Scanner 2, your job is to look for things that are not allowed and take them away before people get on the plane.

Fun Gameplay

Airport Scanner 2 is back with a nicer look and cool ideas in the starting video. You can begin with easy mini-games to briefly learn about the rules first. As an airport police in this game, your main task is to search for weapons and things that are not allowed in passengers’ bags. Have a safe flight to your next place and get a bonus, and you can go to different places to fix airport issues all around the world.

You’ll perform a variety of missions, including secret searches, passenger interrogations, and baggage analysis. Solve puzzles to find hidden objects and clues. Observational and analytical skills are the key to success.

⚝ Figure out various items

Expect a wide variety of items, from drugs and weapons to exotic animals and forged documents. You have to explore different ways and places to hide the loot. This may include counterfeit parts in luggage, hidden pockets of passengers, etc. Clothes, separate containers, and even the organs of lead carriers.

⚝ Use advanced equipment to detect violations

You will join Airport Scanner 2 as airport controllers in a group, and you need to use the scanner to check each bag by hand. Airport Scanner 2 allows you to use lots of police equipment to find illegal items. You have all the tools you need to do your job, like X-ray scanners, night vision cameras, metal detectors, and police dogs. Each time we have a job, it will be harder and we will need to work fast, be thorough, and act like a professional to make sure the airport and its passengers stay safe.


⚝ Gather lots of different items

This is a special place for you to keep valuable things found in customer’s bags. Airport Scanner 2 will take back an item if you tap on it and it’s something you’re not allowed to have. Rewards will be sent right away for finding them. Moreover, you can make things more exciting and get a bigger bonus by building connections and assisting illegal items to pass the inspection. However, it is very dangerous to compete with the smartest machines.

⚝ Develop your character

Get stronger and unlock new abilities and gear over time. Improve how you act to become really good at finding illegal goods. Every time you do a good job as a police officer at the airport, you’ll get rewarded and be able to do more things. But you’ll also get harder tasks to do. Your journey to becoming a skilled professional and enforcing the rules at the airport will be a great experience.

⚝ Complete tasks at multiple airports globally

You’ll find more than 50 airports and many destinations to explore in Airport Scanner 2. Facing difficulties as you go along, your inventory will have a map and area for flying. Multiple missions are still waiting to be done, and every time you finish a task, there will be massive rewards for you. Increase the cost of things or make your scanner better by paying for an upgrade.


Can you make fast decisions and act against the clock? Just remember that your ability to decipher the cunning methods and tactics of the smugglers will be to your true advantage!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Airport Scanner 2 v1.2.3
  • Category: Casual
  • Developer: Kedlin Company, LLC
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.1
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Money
  • Size: 111.4MB



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