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Airport Simulator: First Class v1.02.0703 MOD APK(Unlimited Money)

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The noise of the terrible turbine, the smell of gasoline in the air, constant change, and new challenges – everyday life in a large airport is a real and unique challenge in Airport Simulator: First Class, a professional and economic flight simulator.

Airport Simulator: First Class puts you in charge of a major international airport. Your tasks range from planning and distribution to vehicle sales and maintenance, cleaning, and managing large airline fleets. Gradually, as you gain experience, your airport will grow, which means routes can be smoothly operated, gates will be added and larger flights will arrive. Use your skills and strategy to create a huge, international, and realistic airport.

Game Flow

Airport Simulator: First Class offers a complex and detailed simulation that is easy to handle for both beginners and simulator experts and ensures long-term simulation fun. The airport never sleeps. The constant excitement of flying, landing, and passengers leaves little room for relaxation. If you are good at managing construction and airports, you will be a great director in this field. Players need to learn the new rules and then use the mission plan to do well. Book your seat at the main airport control area and navigate the entire place without any hassle.

◈ Make a plan for building

First, you need to understand your main job as an airport director in Airport Simulator: First Class. Players will show what they can do and their special talents to get different building jobs. You need to make a detailed plan for building something so that you can do it perfectly. Your plan needs to include new things and updates to keep up with what others need.

◈ Build your airport in a new way

Once you’ve described the construction plan, you should also explain the basic building rules. It’s important to use both physics in building this to meet the game’s needs. It would be useful to use modern tools and equipment for this building project. If you have a special situation, you can use urgent support right away to fix the problem.

◈ Strongly connected to infrastructure

You need to be very careful about how the airport connects to the roads and other buildings so it can grow and improve. After you finish building, the acceptance party will come and inspect your work. If there are some parts that don’t fit right, you need to take them apart and fix them right away. In Airport Simulator: First Class you will receive bigger contracts and valuable rewards for completing them.

Key Features

  • Get promoted to a top director, get a big project from the company, and come up with a new and special plan for building it.
  • Create a computer model of a modern airport and follow the rules.
  • Follow the building rules and notes to make the construction process better than before.
  • You need a backup plan in case something goes wrong, and you need to be connected to the airport infrastructure.
  • Intelligent personnel system: A team of people including pilots, flight attendants, mechanics, and ground staff are all here to help you with your work. Having a good plan and being organized is important to do well.
  • The most detailed and comprehensive simulation of events that can occur at an international airport
  • Various management and business options for airport expansion.
  • Airport management always has new and different challenges, including fueling big planes, managing air traffic control, or making sure everything is ready for a flight.
  • There are many missions and tasks that players have to do to make the airport successful.

Will you achieve your goals with hard work and dedication? Download Airport Simulator: First Class now and there is always something to do!

Additional Info

  • Latest Version: Airport Simulator: First Class v1.02.0703
  • Category: Strategy
  • Developer: Playrion
  • Price: Free
  • Android Version: Android 5.0
  • MOD: Menu: Unlimited Money
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