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Airship Knights is a thrilling RPG with fast intense gameplay. You have a group of brave heroes who can use magic and fly in hot air balloons to fight. Your realm is being attacked, and your brave waifu troops are protecting it from large groups of scary creatures. However, as the number of people opposing them continues to increase, they require some assistance. That’s why you are called! Your ability to plan strategically allows you to control how these beautiful female heroes will fight. Keep your gorgeous heroines alive no matter what happens in the battle.


You will be the leader of a team of female fighters from Cloud Island who will fight in pretty balloons filled with hot air. Airship Knights is a game that has easy gameplay where you can go AFK while playing. It combines adventure with battles between characters who use magic and special moves on fast and exciting battlefields.

👼Enter the Fray With Unlockable Characters

Airship Knights have over 40 powerful heroines with strong abilities for players to choose from. You can make a team of heroes that suit your likes and strategy for fighting. These aggressive female waifu can all become skilled in magic. They have different qualities and roles on the battlefield. Every warrior will do what you tell them to do, follow the plan we made, fight on their own, and improve themselves automatically. Or you can change and improve how each character grows and becomes stronger by leveling up, awakening, and getting better equipment.

⏳Mind Your Time

In this game, each match only lasts for 10 seconds, and you must use all your abilities to defeat a group of monsters, collect rewards, and finish tasks within the given time. Airship Knights require a lot of time, but it has a feature to help with battles when you’re not actively playing. After spending time practicing and getting ready, all you can do is sit and appreciate how amazing and attractive the heroines’ magical fighting style is.

💪Upgrade Your Airship

To mow down your enemies, you have to harness two sources of power together. One is how strong the warriors are. The second thing is the energy that comes from the airship. Airships are really cool vehicles that use advanced technology and can become really powerful if you upgrade them. When you do really well in fighting and get a good score, you will unlock new engines and be better at attacking and defending. Make the airship stronger with these engines, and the spaceship will become more powerful in battles.


✯ Permanent Upgrades

Everlasting upgrades can be opened as you play, permitting you to make strides in your abilities and ace the craftsmanship of survival. You can customize the upgrades of your arsenal that suit your playstyle the most.

✯ Cartoon Style

With gorgeous and cute cartoon-style artwork and high-quality graphics, Airship Knight presents you with a beautiful battlefield, and smooth performance even with thousands of heroines and monsters on screen. Furthermore, the beautiful backgrounds with Cartoon rendering techniques bring Airship Knight to life.

✯ Vast Maps

Airship Knight is additionally an opportunity to travel around on an aircraft through distinctive locales of the world map. Featuring an arrangement of unused missions holding up, with completely diverse storylines, front lines, and battling strategies, every place on the map is funny to explore. It is these differences within the outline and gameplay that have made an incredible fascination for the diversion.

Are you ready to rewrite history in the most unexpected way with thousands of Waifu, and dive into the intense & strategy-packed battles in Airship Knights?

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  • Latest Version: Airship Knights v1.5.7
  • Category: Role-playing
  • Developer: Super Planet 
  • Price: Free
  • Requires: Android 5.1+
  • Size: 562.0MB



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